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Amazon Coventry workers to strike for four days

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Amazon Coventry workers to strike for four days

Over 1,000 Amazon workers at the retailer’s Coventry warehouse will stage a four-day strike next month, including Black Friday. 

The GMB union announced the action, saying Amazon needs to reassess its priorities, citing low pay, unsafe working conditions, and surveillance as pressing issues. 

The strikes are scheduled for November 7 to 9 and November 24, the Black Friday sales day. 

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While Amazon recently announced a pay rise for UK workers, the GMB union argues that it falls short of addressing the fundamental concerns of its members. 

Amazon has said the minimum starting pay for warehouse workers will increase to £11.80 an hour, with further increments to £12.30 an hour by April. 

However, the GMB and striking workers view these measures as insufficient.

The Coventry warehouse has been a focal point for labor disputes.

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In January, workers striked at the warehouse, marking the first instance of industrial action against Amazon in the UK. 

Rachel Fagan, the GMB organiser, said: “This is our members’ response to the failure of Amazon bosses to listen.”

Fagan said the strikes would bring the total number of days lost to strike at the facility to nearly 30.

These strikes come ahead of a gathering of workers, unions, regulators, policymakers, and campaigners from 20 countries in Manchester.

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They will coordinate action to challenge Amazon on various fronts, including workers’ rights, community impact, and environmental concerns. 

The “Make Amazon Pay” summit, scheduled for October 27th and 28th, is co-convened by UNI Global Union and Progressive International. 

The event will address warehouse worker protection legislation, taxation issues, and antitrust cases worldwide. 

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