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108 million people could be at risk from PlayStation hack

108 million people at risk due to PlayStation hack

Sony Group has fallen victim to a severe ransomware attack with the group responsible,, declaring its intentions to sell the data of PlayStation customers.

This incident is not the first time Sony has faced such security breaches.

In 2011, PlayStation’s network was hacked, leading to a month-long shutdown of its servers. stated: “We have successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems.

We won’t ransom them!

“We will sell the data due to Sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE.”

The group has been explicit about its intentions to sell the data.

There is no clear indication of what the data it claims to possess from the 108 million active monthly users is.

In previous incidents, significant information, like Capcom’s future plans and nearly an hour of unreleased GTA 6 footage, was leaked online.

However, the credibility of the hacking group’s claims remains questionable, as there is minimal evidence to substantiate the alleged breach.

Cyber Security Connect, a website specializing in cybersecurity, remains sceptical about the evidence provided by the hackers.

This includes which includes a login page, several PowerPoint presentations, and some Java files.

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Given the extensive confidential data Sony holds the revealed files don’t seem to be particularly substantial.

However, if the files contain information as impactful as the recent Xbox leaks—attributed to a Microsoft error rather than a hack—it could have significant repercussions.

The hacking group has hinted if it does not find buyers for the data by September 28, it will proceed to release it on the dark net.

The amount it is seeking for the information remains undisclosed.

It is crucial to approach the statements made by such groups with caution.

This is because the authenticity of their claims is often unverified.

Currently, there is little concrete evidence to confirm whether the hack is genuine.,

Any information provided by the group should be scrutinized thoroughly.

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2011 breach took out servers for 23 days

This incident serves as a reminder of the vulnerabilities even major corporations face in the digital age.

IT echoes the 2011 PlayStation network breach.

77 million accounts were compromised.

This meant Sony had to shut down its servers for a nearly a month, causing significant disruptions and damages.

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