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Starbucks CEO earned more than $20m in 2021


Who's Getting What?

Coffee-shop chain Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson received a 39 percent pay rise last year, taking his pay to $20.4m, says MarketWatch.

His base salary rose 4.5 percent from 2020 to $1.6m, while the value of his stock awards grew by 32 percent to almost $14.8m and his non-equity incentive plan awards increased by 117 percent to just over $4m.

The firm's CEO-to-median-employee pay ratio rose to 1,579-to-1. It calculates the median employee as a part-time "barista" in Canada, earning $12,935.


A private equity style fee structure, where fund managers take 20 percent of profits above an 8 percent benchmark, has meant an "unprecedented" £60.5m payout for two Jupiter Fund Management stockpickers, Nick Williamson and Richard Watts, says The Times.

Chrysalis Investments, launched in 2018 to let ordinary investors invest in "disruptive" start-ups, is paying the fee in its own newly issued shares after the value of its portfolio in largely unlisted firms soared. It said it would review the fee structure.

Barclays bank is offering CEO C.S. Venkatakrishnan, known as Venkat, a £6,550-a-month housing allowance for almost two years, on top of his £2.7m salary, to induce him to relocate from New York to London, says The Sunday Times.

His contract stipulates the move is expected to be permanent.

He became CEO in November when Jes Staley resigned due to a row with regulators over his relationship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

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