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Man Sued Applebee’s After Fajita Injury

Applebee's restaurant

A delicious Applebee's dinner led to a court battle after a man was spattered with hot fat while offering a prayer of thanks.

The man, Hiram Jimenez, launched a lawsuit against Applebee's in 2010 after an incident at restaurant in New Jersey.

Jimenez had ordered a plate of sizzling fajitas at the restaurant, which was served in a "sizzling skillet."

He began to pray, and has he lowered his head he heard a "loud sizzling noise", followed by a "pop."

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He then felt a burning sensation near his left eye and on his face.

Jimenez sued the company after suffering burns to his face, neck and arms from the hot fat in the dish.

His lawsuit said he was not warned by the waitress his sizzling dish was hot.

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He claimed he suffered "permanent injuries", which were "solely as a result of (Applebee's) negligence when he came in contact with a dangerous and hazardous condition, specifically, 'a plate of hot food'."

Case dismissed

Like a lot of cases against fast food outlets, the case was thrown out.

The judge decided it was not down to Applebee's to point out "against a danger that is open and obvious."

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