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Chamberlain Group to recruit 100 engineers in Pune

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Chamberlain Group (CG) is planning to hire 100 engineers for its Pune innovation centre.

The company, which already has 50 engineers on the team, will complete the hiring within the next two years. 

This expansion is focused on enhancing capabilities in Java, middleware, web and mobile development, data engineering, cloud technologies, and generative AI

The Pune centre, located in Viman Nagar and spanning 10,000 sqft, will become the company's second-largest engineering development hub.

CG is known for its Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, such as garage door openers, gate operators, commercial door openers, and dock-level openers, all integrated with its proprietary myQ platform. 

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Dan Phillips, the Chief Technology Officer at Chamberlain Group, said: "We have been innovating new hardware products for over 50 years, and now we are shifting to also be a leader in SaaS, with our myQ Ecosystem at the core.”

The hiring initiative will target professionals with up to 15 years of industry experience. 

R Systems' MD and CEO Nitesh Bansal said: We look forward to contributing our digital engineering expertise and talent nurturing acumen to Chamberlain Group's vision of shaping the future of smart access solutions."

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