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Hybrid work boosts female workforce in India

Female employees

A recent study has found around 38 percent of the total workforce hired by 100 companies named 'best companies for women in India' in 2023.

It totals an impressive 3.4 lakh female employees.

The study by Avtar & Seramount highlights a strong intent for gender balance and the importance of a hybrid work culture.

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About 97 percent of these leading firms reported their hybrid work model attracted more women to their organisations. 

Aditya Mittal, CHRO at Citi South Asia, said while historic work shifts happened, like industrialization and the advent of computers, the pandemic greatly pushed the boundaries of workplace flexibility. 

Mittal added that the post-pandemic flexibility is not just a temporary measure; it is here to stay. 

He added: "The first time, the employee has won." 

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Thirukkumaran Nagarajan, Vice President of IBM South Asia, shared IBM's longstanding commitment to providing flexibility to its employees. 

He said: "We had to look at the individuals' nuance in life. What works for her didn't work for another and it could range from different realities and phases of what they do. 

“So, we needed to check our tolerance levels in terms of how we can accommodate.”

Nagarajan advised emerging companies to adopt a bottom-up approach by responding to real employee needs rather than imposing perceived solutions. 

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