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Jobs in Harrow

What jobs are in Harrow?

There are plenty of opportunities in the London Borough of Harrow. Whether skilled or unskilled, there is no shortage of jobs in the area. A major employer is Kodak, an American technology company that hires HR staff, IT consultants, credit controllers and technical consultants. Another major employer is the NHS. The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital hires specialist doctors, administrative staff and nurses, to name a few. 

Ladbrokes had its headquarters in Harrow, hiring customer service assistants and directors. Like many boroughs, education is a large part of the local economy. With many primary and secondary schools, teachers can find many opportunities in the area. Harrow School is one of the most famous boarding schools in the world. The two shopping centres, St. Ann’s and St. George’s, are where retail assistants and store consultants can find job opportunities. 

What is it like living in Harrow?

Harrow has many parks and open spaces that are perfect for everyone. The area is popular with families and a large retired community looking for a place to settle down. It is an ideal place to commute from as it is only a short journey into central London. It also has the third-largest population of millionaires compared to anywhere in London. The average property price is just over £500,000.

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