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The 9 most spooky jobs in the world

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In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve unearthed some seriously spooky jobs from the corners of the globe that are bound to send shivers down your spine.

These jobs are not for the faint-hearted.

They demand courage, a strong stomach, and sometimes, a knack for the supernatural. From dealing with the dead to venturing into haunted spaces, these spine-tingling professions redefine the concept of a 'horror show'.

Read on if you dare, as we reveal the top ten spookiest jobs in the world.

Grave Digger

A classic in the realm of spooky jobs, grave diggers work in silence among the tombstones, digging resting places for the deceased.


Amidst the cold winds and eerie quiet, and often in terrible weather, they toil away, making sure the dead are laid to rest respectfully.

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Morticians prepare bodies for funerals, involving embalming, dressing, and sometimes makeup application.

Their workshops are morgues, and their subjects, the dead, making this one of the spookiest professions one could choose.

Ghost Hunter

Paranormal investigators or ghost hunters delve into the mysterious and unknown, visiting haunted places and communicating with spirits.

Armed with EVP recorders and infrared cameras, they tread where others fear to, exploring the realms of the supernatural.

Forensic Entomologist

These scientists study the insects found on decomposing bodies to help solve crimes.

Their analysis can help determine the time of death and other crucial details in criminal investigations, making their labs a scene of grim discoveries.

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Haunted House Actor

Inhabiting the realms of nightmares, haunted house actors specialize in scaring the daylights out of people.

Their workplace is a labyrinth of horror, where screams echo, and shadows lurk in every corner.

Crime Scene Cleaner

After investigators have collected evidence, crime scene cleaners step in to remove all traces of the tragedy.

From bloodstains to remnants of violence, these people find themselves in some pretty grim situations as they do their job.

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Catacomb Explorer

Catacomb explorers navigate through vast underground labyrinths filled with bones and remnants of the dead.

In the dim light and suffocating silence, they uncover stories long buried beneath the earth.

Cryonics Technician

These people work with bodies that are to be frozen for potential future revival, cryonics technicians operate at the intersection of life and death.

In cold chambers, they preserve individuals in a state of suspended animation, hoping for a second chance at life.

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Perhaps the most spooky job of all, exorcists deal with possessions and dark entities.

They confront the paranormal to liberate the living from torment.

Their job involves rituals and confrontations with unseen forces, requiring a brave heart and unwavering faith.

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These jobs involve elements that many would find terrifying, from interacting with the deceased to navigating realms of horror and mystery.

The individuals in these professions exhibit remarkable courage and resilience, daily facing what most people fear the most.

So next time you find your job tough, spare a thought for those who make a living in the shadows of the supernatural and the macabre.

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