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Weird Jobs With Salaries That Are Just As Unusual

Bride and bridesmaids on wedding day

There are many jobs that around 128 million full-time workers have in the US that aren't ones you're likely to know much about.

As strange as many of these jobs may be, it doesn't mean they're not well-respected.

Many of these jobs come with yearly salaries you wouldn't be embarrassed to discuss.

Like any job, they come with bonuses and rewards.

But if you're looking for a different career that pays well, some of these roles could be for you.

Nuclear power reactor operator


Average salary: $98,000-$127,000

Of course, the first thing anyone thinks of when hearing this job title is Homer Simpson sleeping at his workstation.

However, nuclear power plants create around 20 percent of electricity in the US.

It takes a licensed professional to make sure these plants are taken care of appropriately and don't come close to having a meltdown.

Apart from working in a highly secure area prone to attack, nuclear power operators are accountable for handling and controlling atomic reactors.

A typical day involves observing reactors, adjusting control rods, and reacting to abnormalities.

What qualifications do you need?

A minimum requirement is to have a high school diploma.

However, there's on-the-job training provided to prepare for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission license exam.

You'll also have to pass an exam yearly to keep your license.

Bingo manager

Average salary: $50,000-$108,000

You will usually find these people managing the bingo departments of casinos, which can be a huge business.

A bingo manager oversees and runs the department's day-to-day activities, ensuring adherence to federal and state gaming laws and approving jackpots and payouts.

What qualifications do you need?

Requirements will vary depending on the employer.

But you usually need at least 3-5 years of experience to get a job as a bingo manager.

Body part model

Average salary: up to $75,000 per year

Do you think you have a lovely pair of hands?

According to Forbes, the best "body parts model" can make up to $75,000 a year.

There are two types of "look" - delicacy, or practicality — hand models will either book shoots or commercial work for cleaning and food products.

What qualifications do you need? 

The parts market isn't huge, so it's a challenging competition.

You'll also need to take directions from heads of photography and deal with unavoidable hand cramping.

Professional bridesmaid

Average salary: $18,000-$95,000

Wedding are normally intimate affairs were the bride and groom select their closest and dearest friends for the vital roles around the marriage.

However, it's clear that sometimes they don't think their friends are up to the job - which is where a professional bridesmaid comes in.

Their aim is to make sure the bride has the best day.

They, of course, have to accompany the bride down the aisle and occasionally lead a toast.

Vital skills include problem-solving, having a comforting presence, and of course, enjoying weddings.

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Our friends play an essential role in weddings, but let's be honest, some friends aren't the best at dealing with issues or giving the most helpful advice.

What qualifications do you need? 

There aren't specific education requirements, but general business knowledge and good customer service skills will give you an advantage in this role.

Certified ethical hacker

Average salary: $79,000-$131,000

You'll probably make more as an unethical hacker, but it's not the best idea as it's illegal and can land you in prison for a very long time indeed.

However, a good alternative is that the government, cybersecurity, and technology industries have many high-paying jobs for ethical hackers.

With roles from a penetration tester to a security analyst, they make a living deliberately hacking computers and systems to uncover susceptibilities— before criminals do.

What qualifications do you need? 

You will need a bachelor's degree in information technology or any cybersecurity-related area, along with relevant certifications.

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