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Top Countries For Accepting Migrant Workers 2024

Loads of people at the immigration centre in an airport

The global economy is continuing to evolve which means the demand for skilled migrant workers crosses international borders more frequently than ever.

This year, certain countries stand out as prime destinations for migrant workers.

This is thanks to their robust economies, emerging industries in need of innovation, and friendly immigration policies.

These nations are not just offering jobs; they're creating opportunities for growth and innovation.

Join us as we explore the key countries in 2024 where economic opportunities, quality of life, and open immigration policies come together, offering a promising landscape for migrant workers looking for new life.


Infographic explaining why imigration in Canada matters

Canada's approach to immigration is among the most progressive.

It has a strong emphasis on attracting skilled workers to support its diverse economy.

From technology and healthcare to construction and education, Canada provides a welcoming environment for migrants.

Its Express Entry system, along with various provincial nominee programs, simplifies the immigration process for skilled workers and their families.

In 2024, Canada is set to welcome hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, reinforcing its status as a top destination for those seeking new opportunities overseas.

Key questions about Canada

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Technology, Healthcare, Construction, Education

What Is The Economic Outlook? Robust, with significant investments in tech and sustainable energy.

What Is The Quality of Life? High, offering excellent healthcare, education, and multicultural communities.

Canada's Top Employers in 2024

Canada's job landscape showcases employers who excel in innovation, employee support, and dynamic work environments.

Mediacorp Canada Inc. spotlights these leaders for their commitment to excellence in employee satisfaction and workplace culture.

Key highlights include competitive financial benefits, extensive support for personal and professional development, and innovative workplace flexibility options.

This approach caters to today's diverse workforce needs, emphasizing work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Notable Employers

ABB CanadaTechnologyInnovation, growth opportunities
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.SoftwareLearning, personal development
Bank of CanadaFinanceSupportive work environment
Business Development Bank of CanadaFinanceComprehensive financial packages
Canadian Aviation Electronics Inc.AviationCareer development, performance bonuses
Carleton UniversityEducationHealthcare programs, skill-building
Simon Fraser UniversityEducationWork-life balance, professional growth
Procter & Gamble CanadaConsumer GoodsWork abroad options, flexibility
WhatJobs Canada

As Canada continues to attract global talent, these employers set standards for being employers of choice.

Its practices shape the future of work, proving pivotal in employee engagement and organizational success.


Infographic explaining the diversity in Germany

Germany's reputation for engineering excellence and manufacturing prowess makes it a prime destination for skilled workers, especially in STEM fields.

The "Blue Card" system offers a streamlined path for highly qualified non-EU migrants, providing access to a wealth of opportunities in one of Europe's largest economies.

Germany is particularly interested in professionals in the engineering, IT, and healthcare sectors, looking to fill gaps in its workforce and maintain its competitive edge.

Key questions about Germany

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Automotive, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing

What Is The Economic Outlook? Strong, with a focus on innovation and motoring industries.

What Is The Quality of Life? Offers a balance of work and leisure, with comprehensive social security.

Germany's Leading Employers of 2024

Germany's vibrant job market in 2024 reflects a rich tapestry of sectors, with the automotive industry shining alongside technology, finance, and healthcare.

The country's top employers stand out for their deep commitment to innovation, sustainability, and fostering supportive work environments that cater to a broad array of professional aspirations.

These organizations not only lead in their respective fields but also set the benchmark for employee benefits, career development opportunities, and embracing flexible, modern work cultures.

Their efforts underscore a commitment to inclusivity and employee well-being, transcending industry boundaries.

Notable Employers

Volkswagen AGAutomotiveGlobal mobility, sustainability
Siemens AGTechnology/EngineeringInnovation, career growth opportunities
Bayer AGPharmaceuticalsResearch and development, inclusive culture
Deutsche Bank AGFinanceCompetitive benefits, diversity
Bosch GmbHTechnology/AutomotiveSustainability initiatives, R&D
Adidas AGRetail/SportswearEmployee wellness, brand engagement
SAP SESoftwareFlexible work options, learning resources
Allianz SEInsuranceWork-life balance, comprehensive health programs
WhatJobs Germany

Germany's blend of traditional strength in automotive with cutting-edge advancements in other sectors creates a dynamic job market.

From the engineering marvels of Volkswagen AG to the financial expertise of Deutsche Bank AG and the healthcare innovations at Bayer AG, the country offers a wealth of opportunities for professionals seeking growth and fulfilment.

Each employer, in its unique way, contributes to setting a global standard for excellence, sustainability, and employee satisfaction, highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of Germany's economic landscape.


An infographic explaining why migration boots native employment in Australia

Australia's points-based immigration system is designed to match skilled workers with sectors experiencing shortages.

The country's vibrant cities, high standards of living, and dynamic job market make it an attractive option for migrant workers.

In 2024, Australia continues to look for professionals in mining, healthcare, technology, and education, offering a supportive environment for newcomers.

Key questions about Australia

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Mining, Healthcare, Technology, Education

What Is The Economic Outlook? Diverse and growing, with a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

What Is The Quality of Life? Exceptional, with an emphasis on outdoor living, cultural diversity, and quality public services.

Australia's Leading Employers of 2024

Australia's job market in 2024 is a vibrant ecosystem, highlighted by a diverse mix of industries from technology and healthcare to finance and natural resources.

The country's top employers are recognized for their innovative approaches to workplace culture, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to employee development and well-being.

These organizations lead by example, offering comprehensive benefits, embracing flexible work arrangements, and fostering environments where creativity and innovation thrive.

Their focus on inclusivity, professional growth, and work-life balance sets a benchmark for employers worldwide.

Australia's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaFinanceFinancial wellness, diversity initiatives
Telstra CorporationTelecommunicationsInnovation, digital transformation
Wesfarmers LimitedRetail/ChemicalsEmployee development, sustainability
BHP Billiton LimitedMiningSafety initiatives, career opportunities
CSL LimitedBiotechnologyResearch investment, global health impact
Woolworths GroupRetailWork-life balance, community engagement
Macquarie GroupFinanceGlobal exposure, competitive benefits
Cochlear LimitedHealthcareInnovation in medical devices, inclusivity
WhatJobs Australia

In 2024, Australia's employment landscape is characterized by its breadth and depth, offering opportunities that cater to a wide range of skills, interests, and career goals.

From the financial acumen of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to the global health contributions of CSL Limited, and the sustainable practices of BHP Billiton Limited, the nation's employers are at the forefront of shaping a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative future of work.

Each organization, with its unique approach to employee engagement and corporate responsibility, plays a crucial role in making Australia a desirable place to work and live.


an inforgraphic showing the rise of migrant workers in Singapore

Singapore serves as a hub for finance, technology, and trade in Asia, attracting skilled professionals from around the globe.

Its strategic location, competitive economy, and high quality of life make it a magnet for talent in finance, tech, and other high-growth sectors.

Singapore's immigration policies facilitate the entry of skilled workers to support its status as a global business centre.

Key questions about Singapore

Which Are The Key Sectors? Finance, Technology, Trade, Maritime

What Is The Economic Outlook? Strong, with significant investments in tech and digital infrastructure.

What Is The Quality of Life? High, offering safety, efficiency, and a blend of cultural influences.

Singapore's Leading Employers of 2024

Singapore’s job market in 2024 is a dynamic hub, underpinned by strong sectors such as technology, biotech, and finance.

The city’s top employers stand out for their forward-thinking leadership in workplace culture, sustainability, and employee growth.

Championing innovation, these organizations offer excellent benefits, embrace flexible working models, and foster an environment where diversity and creativity are celebrated.

They prioritize inclusivity, personal development, and work-life harmony, making Singapore a competitive player on the global employment stage.

Singapore's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
DBS BankFinanceDigital innovation, employee engagement
SingtelTelecommunicationsTechnological advancements, customer centricity
CapitaLandReal EstateSustainable development, community initiatives
Wilmar InternationalAgribusinessSupply chain excellence, environmental stewardship
Singapore AirlinesAviationService excellence, global connectivity
GSK SingaporePharmaceuticalHealthcare innovation, employee wellness
OCBC BankFinanceFinancial stability, workforce diversity
Keppel CorporationConglomerateIndustrial innovation, sustainable solutions
WhatJobs Singapore

In 2024, Singapore’s employment sector is marked by its adaptability and innovative spirit, providing a wide array of opportunities that cater to a spectrum of talents and career aspirations.

From DBS Bank to the industrial solutions of Keppel Corporation, these leading employers are pivotal in creating a progressive, inclusive, and forward-looking workplace environment.

Each company contributes significantly to Singapore's standing as a top destination for work and life.

United States

An infogrpahic shwoing how many US farmworkers are migrant workers

The United States, with its vast economy, remains a land of opportunity for migrant workers from all over the world.

The H-1B visa program and other employment-based visas are key avenues for professionals looking to work in the U.S.

Despite challenges, the U.S. continues to attract a significant number of migrant workers, particularly in technology, healthcare, agriculture, and education sectors.

Key questions about the USA

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Technology, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture

What Is The Economic Outlook? Diverse, with technology and services driving growth.

What Is The Quality of Life? Varied, with a wide range of living environments and cultural experiences.

USA's Leading Employers of 2024

The USA's employment arena in 2024 is a testament to its resilient and diversified economy.

From Silicon Valley's tech giants to Wall Street's financial firms, the country's top employers are recognized for their innovative business models, progressive work cultures, and significant investment in employee success.

These industry leaders are at the cutting edge.

They provide comprehensive benefits, flexible work options, and environments where diversity and ingenuity are at the forefront.

Their strategies for employee engagement, professional development, and maintaining work-life balance are what make them the gold standard for employers around the globe.

USA's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
GoogleTechnologyInnovation, culture of inclusion
Apple Inc.TechnologyDesign leadership, employee benefits
AmazonE-commerce/TechnologyCustomer obsession, logistics mastery
JPMorgan Chase & Co.FinanceFinancial expertise, global reach
The Walt Disney CompanyEntertainment/MediaCreativity, brand legacy
PfizerPharmaceuticalMedical breakthroughs, patient-centricity
Tesla, Inc.Automotive/EnergySustainable technology, visionary leadership
WalmartRetailOperational scale, community involvement
WhatJobs USA

In 2024, the employment landscape in the USA showcases the breadth of opportunities available.

This reflects a society that is both deeply rooted in its entrepreneurial spirit and agile in its response to global changes.

From the groundbreaking innovation at Google to the massive operational scale of Walmart, these organizations set the bar high for what it means to be an employer of choice.

They play a pivotal role in driving America’s economy forward, ensuring that the nation remains a beacon of opportunity for job seekers from around the world.

United Kingdom

An infographic shwoing how many construction workers are migrant workers in the UK

Following Brexit, the UK has redefined its immigration policies to attract skilled workers in critical sectors.

The points-based system emphasizes the need for healthcare professionals, engineers, and IT specialists.

The UK offers a rich cultural heritage, dynamic cities, and a strong emphasis on healthcare and education, making it a compelling choice for migrant workers.

Key questions about the UK

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Healthcare, Engineering, Agriculture and Information Technology

What is The Economic Outlook? Adapting, with a focus on technology and financial services.

What is The Quality of Life? High, with access to quality healthcare and diverse cultural experiences.

UK's Leading Employers of 2024

The UK job market in 2024 remains a powerhouse of industry and innovation, characterized by sectors such as financial services, creative industries, and green energy.

The country's leading employers are revered for their commitment to progressive employment practices, sustainability, and nurturing talent.

These organizations set a global benchmark for workplace excellence, offering outstanding benefits, advocating for work flexibility, and building environments that spark innovation and productivity.

Their investment in people, focus on inclusivity, and balance between professional achievement and personal wellness are what other organizations around the world strive to emulate.

UK's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
Balfour BeatyConstructionHousebuilders, national infrastructure,construction
GlaxoSmithKlinePharmaceuticalHealthcare innovation, sustainability
BPEnergyGreen energy initiatives, global influence
BarclaysFinanceFinancial stability, customer service excellence
AstraZenecaPharmaceuticalCutting-edge research, global healthcare impact
BBCBroadcastingCultural influence, commitment to diversity
Jaguar Land RoverAutomotiveAdvanced engineering, luxury branding
Tesco PLCRetailConsumer focus, community engagement
WhatJobs UK

In 2024, the UK's employment sector demonstrates versatility and a pioneering spirit, with opportunities that align with a range of skills and professional ambitions.

From HSBC's global banking operations to Tesco's consumer-focused retail strategies, these top employers are integral to fostering a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative work environment.

Each company makes a significant contribution to the UK's reputation as a leading destination for career growth and life quality.

New Zealand

An infogrpahic showing how much of a postive impact migrant workers have on New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its stunning landscapes, quality of life, and welcoming attitude towards migrant workers.

The country's immigration policies favor skilled workers in agriculture, technology, and creative sectors.

The aim is to support its economic development while maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability and social well-being.

Key questions about New Zealand

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Agriculture, Technology, Creative Industries

What is The Economic Outlook? Growing, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

What is The Quality of Life? Exceptional, known for its natural beauty, community spirit, and work-life balance.

New Zealand's Leading Employers of 2024

The job market in New Zealand in 2024 is characterized by a strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and work-life harmony, reflective of its rich natural heritage and progressive social policies.

The nation's top employers are distinguished by their dedication to creating supportive workplaces, advancing environmental stewardship, and empowering employees through continuous learning and development opportunities.

These leading organizations champion a culture of excellence, offering enriching benefits, embracing agile work practices, and cultivating an ethos where innovation intersects with employee well-being.

Their focus on community, diversity, and ethical business practices sets a global example for meaningful employment.

New Zealand's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
FonterraDairySustainable practices, global market presence
Fisher & Paykel HealthcareMedical DevicesInnovation in healthcare, employee development
ANZ New ZealandFinanceBanking integrity, customer-centric services
Air New ZealandAviationCommitment to tourism, exceptional service
The Warehouse GroupRetailCommunity focus, inclusive work environment
Spark New ZealandTelecommunicationsDigital connectivity, investment in technology
Fletcher BuildingConstructionSustainable construction, employee safety
Rocket LabAerospaceSpace innovation, cutting-edge technology
WhatJobs New Zealand

As of 2024, New Zealand’s employment landscape is marked by its holistic approach, offering a blend of opportunities that cater to diverse career paths and lifestyles.

From Fonterra's leadership in sustainable dairy production to Rocket Lab's advancements in aerospace, these employers are central to nurturing New Zealand’s innovative spirit and maintaining its status as a great place to work and live.


an infogrpahic showing how Sweeden empowers refugee women

Sweden's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social welfare makes it an attractive destination for skilled migrant workers.

The country is looking for professionals in technology, clean energy, and healthcare to contribute to its knowledge-based economy.

Sweden's quality of life, progressive social policies, and emphasis on work-life balance are significant draws for migrant workers.

Key questions about Sweden

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors: Technology, Clean Energy, Healthcare

What is The Economic Outlook: Innovative, with investments in green technology and digital infrastructure.

What is The Quality of Life: High, with a focus on equality, sustainability, and community well-being.

Sweden's Leading Employers of 2024

Sweden's job market in 2024 continues to thrive, powered by a blend of traditional industries and innovative start-ups.

Sweden is known for its high quality of life, commitment to sustainability, and social equality.

Its top employers are not just leaders in their fields; they are also pioneers in offering some of the most progressive work environments in the world.

They lead the way in employee satisfaction, providing generous benefits, prioritizing work-life balance, and fostering collaborative and inclusive workplaces.

They are champions of environmental stewardship and are dedicated to creating a positive impact on society.

Sweden's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
Volvo GroupAutomotiveSustainable transportation, employee growth
IKEARetail/DesignGlobal brand, sustainability, innovation in design
SpotifyTechnology/MusicDisruptive technology, cultural impact
EricssonTelecommunicationsConnectivity solutions, global research and development
SkanskaConstructionGreen building, ethical business practices
H&MRetailFashion industry leader, commitment to sustainability
AstraZenecaPharmaceuticalBiopharmaceutical innovation, global healthcare
SEBFinanceFinancial services, investment in fintech
WhatJobs Sweden?

In 2024, Sweden’s employment sector showcases its strength in balancing economic growth with social responsibility.

It provides a range of opportunities for job seekers with different skills and professional aspirations.

From Volvo's advancements in sustainable transportation to Spotify's impact on the music industry, these leading employers are instrumental in making Sweden a highly attractive and competitive marketplace for work.

Each company contributes significantly to Sweden's global reputation as an innovator in creating a sustainable and enriching work environment.


an infogrpahic showing the percenatge of migrant wokers in each key job sector in the Netherlands

The Netherlands offers a strategic location in Europe, a competitive economy, and a high standard of living.

It's particularly welcoming to skilled workers in logistics, agriculture, and the creative industries, helped by its Highly Skilled Migrant Program.

The country's open culture, excellent infrastructure, and focus on innovation make it a top choice for professionals.

Key questions about the Netherlands

Which Are The Key Employment Sectors? Logistics, Agriculture, Creative Industries,and the food industry.

Economic Outlook? Strong, with a well-developed international trade network.

Quality of Life? High, offering a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.

Netherlands' Leading Employers of 2024

The Netherlands' job market in 2024 is a beacon of innovation and progressive employment practices.

Renowned for its open economy and high standard of living, the country boasts top employers that are leaders in sectors ranging from technology and agri-food to renewable energy and life sciences.

These companies are at the forefront of offering competitive benefits, advocating for a healthy work-life balance, and creating a work culture that encourages diversity and employee well-being.

They stand out for their commitment to sustainability, social impact, and fostering a dynamic and inclusive workforce.

Netherlands' Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
Royal Dutch ShellEnergyGlobal energy solutions, commitment to renewables
ING GroupFinanceBanking innovation, customer experience focus
UnileverConsumer GoodsSustainable business practices, global brand presence
PhilipsHealthcare TechnologyHealth tech innovation, quality of life emphasis
HeinekenBeveragesCultural branding, sustainable production
ASMLSemiconductorHigh-tech engineering, precision manufacturing
RabobankFinanceAgricultural banking, sustainability initiatives
KLMAviationGlobal connectivity, environmental stewardship
WhatJobs Netherlands

In 2024, the employment landscape in the Netherlands is characterized by its adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit,.

It offers a wealth of opportunities that span various industries and cater to a multitude of professional interests and skills.

From Shell's transformation into renewable energy to ASML's leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, these top employers drive the nation's economy while making significant contributions to the global marketplace.

Each company plays a crucial role in upholding the Netherlands' reputation as a forward-thinking and vibrant place to work.

United Arab Emirates

an infogrpahic showing that 88% of UAEs population are migrant workers

The UAE's dynamic economy, tax-free living, and ambitious development projects continue to attract skilled workers from across the globe.

With significant investments in construction, hospitality, and finance, the UAE offers a wealth of opportunities for professionals looking to advance their careers in a vibrant, multicultural environment.

Key questions about the UAE

Which Are The Key Sectors? Construction, Hospitality, Finance

What is The Economic Outlook? Expansive, with ongoing diversification efforts beyond oil.

What is The Quality of Life? High, with modern amenities, cultural diversity, and a thriving expat community.

UAE's Leading Employers of 2024

The job market in the UAE in 2024 reflects the country's rapid growth and its ambitious vision to become a global hub for innovation, trade, and finance.

The leading employers in the UAE are known for their luxurious workplaces, multicultural employee base, and cutting-edge projects spanning various sectors including technology, hospitality, real estate, and finance.

These organizations stand out for their luxurious benefit packages, strategic locations, and fostering environments that are rich with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Their emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and cultural diversity sets the stage for a thriving work environment.

UAE's Top Employers

EmployerSectorKey Features
Emirates GroupAviationWorld-class service, global connectivity
EtisalatTelecommunicationsDigital innovation, leading infrastructure
DP WorldMaritime LogisticsGlobal trade enabler, technological advancements
ADNOCOil & GasEnergy leader, sustainable practices
Emaar PropertiesReal EstateIconic developments, luxury living
First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)FinanceFinancial strength, comprehensive services
Mubadala Investment CompanyInvestmentDiverse portfolio, strategic growth
MasdarRenewable EnergyClean-tech initiatives, sustainable urban development
WhatJobs UAE

In 2024, the UAE’s employment scene continues to be driven by its visionary leadership and strategic investments, offering a variety of career paths for professionals from around the world.

From Emirates' expansion in global aviation to Masdar's pioneering work in renewable energy, these leading employers play a significant role in shaping a dynamic, inclusive, and forward-thinking workforce, contributing to the UAE's stature as a prestigious work destination.

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Additional Destinations to Consider

For those considering options beyond the top ten, here are ten additional countries offering unique opportunities for migrant workers:

  • France: A leader in arts, fashion, and technology, welcoming professionals in creative and tech sectors.
  • Japan: Offers a blend of tradition and innovation, with needs in technology, education, and healthcare.
  • South Korea: Known for its technology and entertainment industries, it's a hub for creative and tech talents.
  • Ireland: A technology and pharmaceutical hub with a vibrant cultural scene and supportive policies for skilled workers.
  • Norway: Offers opportunities in oil and gas, maritime, and renewable energy, with a focus on sustainability.
  • Switzerland: A world leader in banking, pharmaceuticals, and engineering, known for its high quality of life.
  • Spain: With a focus on tourism, renewable energy, and agriculture, Spain offers a warm climate and rich culture.
  • Italy: Renowned for its manufacturing, fashion, and culinary arts, Italy is a destination for creative professionals.
  • Malaysia: A growing economy in Southeast Asia, with opportunities in electronics, IT, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Denmark: Known for its focus on renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, and design, Denmark offers a high standard of living and a commitment to sustainability.

Find a job in a country you're interested in

Each of these countries presents unique opportunities and challenges, making it essential for prospective migrant workers to research and consider their options carefully.

As the global economy continues to evolve, the demand for skilled labour across a variety of sectors is likely to grow, making international work experience more valuable than ever.

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