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10 Minutes with Roy Jacques, UK Managing Director for Appcast

Roy Jacques UK MD of Appcast

Each month we like to find a leading figure in tech, employment, or business and find out what drives them, and hopefully get some insight into the secret of their success. This week, we speak with Roy Jacques, UK Managing Director of Appcast, to learn more about life at the global Leader In Programmatic Recruitment Advertising.

Name:  Roy Jacques,

Location: London, England


Roy, welcome to What Jobs News. You have been the Managing Director for Appcast for many years now. How did you get involved with Appcast?

Appcast was founded in 2014 in the US by our CEO, " target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow" title="chris forman video on youtube Appcast">Chris Forman. I joined in January 2018 to officially launch the business in the UK.

Name three good things about working for Appcast

1. Culture – Our people are brilliant, smart, and kind in a progressive, rapid-growth environment.


Name three good things about working for Appcast

1. Culture – Our people are brilliant, smart, and kind in a progressive, rapid-growth environment.

2. Customer value – Our products drive real value and outcomes for customers

3. Programmatic is on the rise globally and Appcast are the leaders in the programmatic recruitment space

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What’s a fun company fact?

Fun company fact – we were founded and still have our headquarters in Lebanon, New Hampshire, a small rural town in New Hampshire with a population of 15,000 - Not your usual tech town!

About me, I fancied myself as a bit of a Hasselhoff and worked as a lifeguard in California in my early 20’s.

appcast on whatjobs news image

Where do you see yourself/the company in five years?

I have always enjoyed working and would like to continue in an executive capacity for as long as I can.

Appcast is on a growth curve and there is still a lot of the world to bring programmatic to! I can’t wait to be part of that journey.

What makes your role/company different from the rest?

Appcast is data lead and over the years, we have collated a huge amount of job advertising data.

It means we can build products and product enhancements for our customers that are founded in real value and driven by data, and clearly measure the effectiveness of changes we make.

When you add that to our culture and innovation, it’s a great formula. I am very lucky in my role; we work with a broad range of employers and job sites (such as, which means I get a comprehensive view of our industry.

How are you keeping your clients happy?

We are very focused on our customers’ success.

Our account managers and product team are tuned into customers’ needs. We use a variety of survey & customer satisfaction research tools to constantly listen, learn and act on what we hear.

Is there a project you’re excited about?

Lots. Watch this space?

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What would you wish you had known when you started your career?

That action and rapid execution are so important. 

What are the ultimate “don’ts” of your job?

We work in a complex ecosystem of customers and partners so respecting confidentiality is very important. At a team level, I like the concept of ‘do no harm’ as a leadership principle.

That does not mean shying away from the tough decisions or not taking a hard line when necessary, but broadly, creating an environment for team success is key.

How has the world of business changed since you started?

Well, you don’t see many people wearing pinstripe suits and carrying briefcases these days. The obvious change has been around the portability of work created by communication technology and the more recent hybrid and work-from-home situation.

The working world has evolved enormously, I mean when I was young; we used call boxes to do deals! 

If you could tell the 18-year-old Roy Jacques two things you’ve learned from your life now, what would you tell him?

Know where you want to get to, create a plan and work hard to get the desired results.

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