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Staple Items for Your New Employee Starter Pack

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Staffing your business is a difficult and ongoing endeavor – and one that can actively harm your business if turnover is high. Onboarding is one of the most important parts of the equation for staff retention, with the simple provision of a staff starter pack crucially important to the process.

The point of your new employee starter pack is to make new starters feel welcome and valued from the moment they sit at their desk. Failing to properly welcome staff to a business can indicate a disconnect between workers and management, and suggests to new employees that their wants and needs are not a priority for the business.

Indeed, employee engagement should be a primary concern for any business; recent data has revealed that the UK is one of the worst countries in Europe for employee engagement, with less than a tenth of all workers surveyed feeling enthused by their work.

Building positive internal attitudes toward your organisation start with onboarding and the building of a real relationship with the staff at the earliest opportunity. The starter pack is a token of a wider responsibility to employee happiness, and a commitment to reducing costly staff turnover – but what should your business’ starter pack contain?

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Branded Stationery


Every business starter pack has one thing in common: the inclusion of branded stationery. Branded items like pens and rulers are relatively inexpensive to order and serve dual functions. They are functional gifts that will receive regular use at the desk, and they welcome the new employee to the ‘club’, so to speak. Booklets and notepads are also a strong choice for your welcome pack, being useful both in and out of work.

A Welcome Card

Your welcome pack must also include a greeting of some sort, to directly welcome the new staff member to the fold. Handwritten notes would be ideal, to give your employee’s welcome the personal touch – but in larger organisations, this can sometimes be logistically difficult. Personalised is a must, though, whether a mail-merged greeting or a hand-signed message.


The way to many a new worker’s heart can be found through their stomach – and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone turning their nose up at free sweets and treats! Chocolates and sweets are a fun and harmless gift to include in your starter pack, though attention should be paid to your new staff members’ dietary requirements before food is supplied.

Desk Accessories

Lastly, your starter pack can help your new employees populate their new desks that little bit quicker, with other non-branded items of stationery and decorations to help them feel even more at home.

Post-it notes and coasters are common choices, but a less common choice with a huge welcoming effect can be found in the form of the desk plant. Small houseplants are unique and beautiful and add that little spark of life to a desk that can make it feel a bit more vibrant.

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