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Home  »  UK Business News   » Partners with IPQS to Combat Online Fraud Partners with IPQS to Combat Online Fraud has announced its partnership with IPQualityScore (IPQS) to tackle the growing menace of click fraud.

In a significant move to enhance online security, has announced its partnership with IPQualityScore (IPQS) to tackle the growing menace of click fraud.

This collaboration ensures that users and advertisers on experience a secure and genuine environment free from malicious bots and fraudulent activities.

The decision to partner with IPQS stems from the increasing sophistication of cyber threats.

With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, so are the tactics employed by cybercriminals.

Click fraud, a deceptive technique where fake clicks are generated to deplete an advertiser's budget or earn false revenues has become a major concern for online platforms.

Graham Hirst, of, said: "Our primary goal has always been to provide a trustworthy platform for our users and advertisers.

"By collaborating with IPQS, we are taking a significant step forward in ensuring that our platform remains secure from evolving cyber threats.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to maintaining the integrity of"

What is IPQS? 

IPQS is renowned for its agile approach to real-time bot mitigation.

Their system employs a variety of overlapping checks designed to halt bot attacks and prevent unwanted website traffic.

Some of the standout features of IPQS's bot protection include:

  • Device Fingerprinting: Analyzing over 300 data points about a user's device to identify hijacked or fake virtual devices.
  • IP Reputation: Comparing the IP address against a vast database to identify suspicious and bot IP addresses with a history of abuse.
  • Machine Learning: Leveraging algorithms that quickly identify new trends from bot traffic.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Real-time identification of suspicious behavior indicating non-human actions and bot-like tendencies.

Leona Paterson, partnership director from ClickaJobs, added: "We are thrilled to partner with IPQS.

"Our bot protection and mitigation solutions are designed to adapt to the unique needs of each platform.

"With our advanced technology, we are confident in providing our clients with the robust security they demand."

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Click fraud is on the rise

Recent research from IPQS highlighted a 17 percent increase in malicious bots in 2021 alone, translating to billions of dollars in lost revenue for companies without adequate bot protection.

Such statistics emphasize the importance of this partnership for

Furthermore, IPQS's bot protection is not just about identifying threats; it's about understanding the behavior of genuine users.

Their algorithms adapt to the audience, ensuring that the user experience for legitimate visitors remains uninterrupted.

The partnership between and IPQS is a testament to both organizations' commitment to providing a secure online environment.

As click fraud and other cyber threats continue to evolve, collaborations like these are crucial in ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of the digital landscape.

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