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Networking group for working mums expands with five South West hubs

Freelance mum

A networking organisation for freelance and self-employed mothers has launched five new hubs in the south of England.

Faye Dicker, a former BBC Radio Bristol presenter who wanted to balance her own parental responsibilities with her voiceover work and help other parents in business, created Freelance Mum in 2013.

The group has organised monthly "netwalks" across the city where working mothers could bring their kids and network for the last 10 years.

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After the Covid-19 outbreak, the organisation changed its business strategy and is currently opening new hubs under the direction of local female business leaders who are themselves mothers.

Bristol, Somerset, North Somerset, South Devon are the south-west hubs, while Winchester, and Southampton are in the south-east.


Freelance Mum also runs an online support network, which offers weekly online coffee mornings and member-led sessions open to all hub members across the country.

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Ms. Dicker said: “When Covid hit us, I instantly launched a weekly online coffee morning, which allowed freelance mums, to talk and connect.

"We suddenly had even more responsibilities, with home-schooling and trying to keep our businesses afloat. It was a tough time for everyone, and the support was even more vital.

“When the Covid restrictions began to lift and the world began to open up, we were able to bring back our ‘netwalks’ again – but it was clear to see the online coffee mornings were here to stay. Suddenly we had a scalable model! Members could meet in person at ‘netwalks’ across the country once a month and then all connect at the weekly online coffee morning. It proved an instant hit!”

Ms. Dicker added that she “could burst with pride” at the support the platform has offered to freelance working mums across the UK.

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Ingrid Wolpert, who leads the South Devon Freelance Mum hub, said: “Something that makes Freelance Mum unique in my opinion - I've been to lots of networking groups for women - is the fact that members can bring their children along to the netwalks - I haven't found another networking group that caters to this unique need of mothers.

“In addition, the weekly coffee mornings on Zoom create really strong personal relationships and a great community, plus of course the Facebook group, which is really active, headed by the wonderful FM founder Faye."

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