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Omni-Pac invests £3 million in new manufacturing plant to create 100 news jobs


Omni-Pac has invested over £3 million in a new manufacturing plant aiming to double its revenues and create 100 additional jobs.

The company, based in northern Lincolnshire, originally known as Moulded Fibre Products and based in Flixborough, has undergone two buy-outs and is now part of a European group.

It supplies sustainable single-use equipment to the NHS and packaging for industrial, horticultural, produce suppliers, and niche industries.

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The new 60,000 sq ft site in Scunthorpe marks the third phase of expansion for Omni-Pac.

The company's UK head office will also be relocated to the revamped site, which offers 26,000 sq ft of production space and warehousing.


The business's initial launch took place in a single unit by the River Trent, and subsequent growth led to the addition of a neighboring new-build, accommodating eight different production lines.

The recent expansion will introduce lines nine to 12, with the ninth line already operational.

The increased scale will enable faster growth, higher volumes, and greater automation.

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James Gallacher, the UK managing director who has overseen more than a decade of development, told BusinessLive: “We are delighted with where we have come from.

"We still have big ambitions, we are looking to expand further. It is exciting, it is all about sustainability and the circular economy, and we are all about being biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.

"We have so much to offer as the obvious alternative to single use plastics and expanded polystyrene. There’s just no need for it in the sectors we serve.”

 With 150 employees across the sites, the company benefits from its proximity to raw material supplier CorrBoard.

The Foxhills site enhancements include water reclamation, as well as the reuse of heat and steam.

Mr. Gallacher highlighted the decision to remain in North Lincolnshire for the expansion, citing the area's strategic location in relation to food production in South Lincolnshire and the presence of one of the NHS's largest logistics bases in Normanton.

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Omni-Pac's journey started in 2012 under the ownership of LeisureGrow Group, based in Hertfordshire. It became part of the Omni-Pac operation in 2020 and was subsequently acquired by Latour Capital in 2021.

The UK business operates alongside plants in France and Germany.

The company's group chief executive, Pablo Libreros, announced an additional £10 million investment to increase capacity in the UK, France, and Germany, focusing on automation and environmental efficiency.

Mr. Libreros emphasized the company's commitment to growth and its ability to invest significantly in a short period.

The launch of the new manufacturing plant was attended by key customers and group executives.

Omni-Pac's exports reached 50 countries and the company held a significant contract to produce 80 percent of the NHS's requirements for items such as bed pans, trays, and bowls.

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