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Airbus to create around 1,100 high-tech jobs in the UK

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Airbus to create around 1,100 high-tech jobs in the UK

Aerospace giant Airbus is set to create nearly 1,100 new jobs in the UK.

These roles are for cybersecurity engineers, software engineers, project and program managers, cryogenics system engineers, manufacturing engineers, and robotics engineers.

Airbus currently supports 79,000 jobs in the UK, both in direct and indirect roles.

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The company invests £3.9 billion annually with UK suppliers, including a significant £118 million with Wrexham-based Megallan Aerospace.

Airbus is the second-largest private employer in Wales, employing 5,500 staff at its wing manufacturing facility in Broughton, Flintshire.

It has an additional 500 workforce at its Newport site, which serves as a center of excellence for cybersecurity and secure communication.

Across its 25 UK locations, Airbus directly employs 11,500 people in various divisions, including commercial, defense, space, and helicopters. 

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Although specific details about the new job locations are not provided, Airbus has confirmed plans to recruit 1,100 more staff. 

An analysis by Oxford Economics reveals that Airbus has had a £7 billion impact on the UK economy. 

The company holds the distinction of being the largest civil aerospace company and exporter in the UK. 

It also ranks as the largest space satellite company and a significant supplier of large aircraft to the Royal Air Force.

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It’s responsible for approximately 50 percent of the UK’s civil helicopter fleet.

The Oxford Economics report highlights a third of Airbus’ procurement spending in 2022 was in the 10 most deprived areas of the UK.

The company’s average wages are 1.5 times higher than the national average. 

Additionally, Airbus can attribute one in every 420 jobs in the UK economy.

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The company’s investment in research and development activities in the UK reached £227 million last year.

“Airbus impact is felt at every level”

John Harrison, Airbus general counsel and UK chairman, said: “These findings clearly show that Airbus is good for jobs, good for growth, and good for the UK.

“I am proud of the contribution our 11,500 UK employees make to the UK economy – a multi-billion-pound effort from satellites to civil aerospace that helps connect people all over the world. 

“Our deep roots in the UK supply chain and investment across the four nations create long-term regional and local growth – ensuring Airbus’ impact is felt at every level.”

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