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Boots Mandates Five-Day Office Work for Head Office Staff

Boots store frontage

Boots has told its head office staff they will be expected to work from the office five days a week starting on September 1. 

The health and beauty giant aims to re-establish its offices in Nottingham, London, and Weybridge as a “normal place of work” for its employees.

Managing director Seb James said: “In line with a majority of UK businesses, I want to start a thoughtful plan that gets us back to the office – whether Nottingham, London or Weybridge – being the normal place of work for everybody for the whole working week.

“There is no rush, and I know that we will need to upgrade some of our office facilities, but we will transition there by the start of the next financial year on the 1st September, six months away, when these new ways of working will go live.”

“I have been very heartened by the way people have embraced the three days a week model and I think that you will agree that the office is a much more fun and inspiring place on those days.

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“There is no doubt in my mind that the informal conversations, brief catch-ups and ability to meet in groups in person has been far more effective – and better for our unique Boots culture than the enforced formality of remote meetings. I know that has been true for me.”

Boots said: “We really value the team spirit that comes with being together in person. 

“There will of course still be times when working from home is necessary for either personal or business reasons.”

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