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L’Oréal staff ordered back to the office

L`Oreal company headquarters building

L’Oréal is mandating its 87,000 worldwide staff to return to the office on at least two monthly Fridays.

The retailer aims to boost office presence after the hybrid work model introduced during the pandemic. 

This directive affects 4,500 staff in the UK and Ireland, who are already required to be office-bound three days a week.

This move follows L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus's critique of permanent remote working policies at the World Economic Forum. 

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Mr Hieronimus said: “I know so many employees of so many other companies than L’Oréal that have been working from home for months, that have absolutely no attachment, no passion, no creativity,” he said.

“One of the reasons that we hit the ground running after Covid is that we did not do like many tech companies and say everybody works from home all the time, and now they say: ‘Oh my God, that was a mistake, please come back’.”

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