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Heathrow Airport workers to vote on strike action over pay

Heathrow airport

Heathrow airport workers are set to vote over whether to walk out in a dispute over pay. 

Unite the Union said more than 3,000 of its members will start balloting for the strike on Friday, February 17.

The union says most of the workers are security guards, firefighters and engineers.

The voting will last for a month and will then close as the union decides its next move.

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Sharon Graham, general secretary at Unite, said: “Heathrow Airport is guilty of gross hypocrisy.


“It is paying telephone number salaries to its chief executive and senior managers, but the workers who make the company a success are on poverty wages.

“Unite never takes a backward step when fighting for its members' jobs, pay and conditions and our members at Heathrow Airport will receive the union’s complete support.”

The employees have scrapped a 10 percent pay rise offer which Unite believes is a pay cut, because of the inflation rate.

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A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed that Unite is tabling a formal ballot for industrial action.

“This step unnecessarily escalates matters and if strikes do go ahead the pay offer will be withdrawn.

“Since last November, discussions with our unions have resulted in an offer of a 10% increase on salary, shift pay and allowances this year on top of a 4 percent increase six months ago.

“This is despite Heathrow remaining loss-making and with significant uncertainties facing our business, including the spectre of Covid travel restrictions which we have already seen re-introduced just this year.”

Source: The Independent

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