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Poundland offers jobs to over 200 former Wilko staff

Poundland storefront

Poundland is extending a lifeline to over 200 ex-Wilko employees as it reopens recently acquired stores. 

Following its snap-up of 71 Wilko outlets from administrator PwC, the retailer is rebranding all the stores under its banner.

The first 10 locations are already back in business as of last weekend.

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No Wilko workers were directly transferred to Poundland as part of the takeover.

However, Poundland prioritises applications from former Wilko staff at these revamped stores. 


Poundland said it had extended job offers to more than 200 ex-Wilko employees, and this number continues to grow daily.

It has also revealed the next 10 former Wilko stores scheduled for reopening as part of its expansion plans. 

Shoppers in Melton Mowbray, Matlock, Chepstow, Nottingham, Worcester, Ellesmere Port, Brigg, Redruth, Ferndown, and Pontypool can expect the reopening of these stores on Saturday, October 7.

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Austin Cooke, the Managing Director of Poundland, said: “Our people make Poundland special and last week they did an amazing job to turn ex-Wilko stores into brand new Poundlands in just six days – the size and scale of what they’ve achieved has been nothing short of phenomenal.

“But they worked hard because we meant what we said about moving quickly to create jobs for Wilko colleagues.

“And that’s why we’ll pull out all the stops to repeat that feat and open another 10 stores this weekend.

“I know from meeting our new colleagues from Wilko, how delighted they were to welcome customers old and new back to their store last weekend – and that’s inspiring us to keep the pace up and bring the amazing value we promise to more high streets this Saturday.”

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