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13 Scams Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

An AI image of a sinister hooded internet scammer

Every day our inboxes fill with junk emails sent by people trying to steal our personal details and money.

The majority are obvious - badly written and coming from a (usually very long) gobbledegook email address.

However, scammers are becoming more sophisticated and are particularly taking advantage of technology to make their cons more convincing.

Here are 13 of the latest scams everyone needs to be aware of

AI-Powered Scams

These involve using artificial intelligence to create more convincing phishing emails, text messages, and even deepfake videos of celebrities or known individuals to trick people.


Loan Fee Fraud

Scammers contact people and convince them to pay upfront fees for loans that never materialize.

Push Payment Scams

Fraudsters trick people into authorizing payments to accounts controlled by the scammer,.

This is often doing by pretending to be a legitimate business or authority.

Parcel Delivery Scams

Victims receive messages telling them they need to pay a small fee to release a parcel delivery.

These parcels don't exist and the emails often come from addresses suggesting they're legitimate courier companies./ .

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Ghost Brokers

These are fraudulent agents who sell fake or unauthorized insurance policies.

This leaves the victims both out of pocket and not having insurance coverage.

Check Cooking Scam

This is a technique where scammers chemically alter checks to change the amount and recipient.

Voiceprint Scams

Fraudsters use technology to mimic or steal voiceprints for unauthorized access to personal accounts.

Delayed-Action Sweepstakes Scam

Victims are told they've won a prize but need to pay some form of fee to claim it.

These are often delayed to seem more legitimate.

Virtual Celebrity Scam

Scammers use deepfake technology or impersonations to create scams involving celebrities, often to solicit money or personal information.

Multistage Grandparent Scam

Scammers contact elderly individuals, pretending to be a grandchild in need of immediate financial help/

They often ask their victims for secrecy to often asking for secrecy.

Cryptocurrency Scams

These include fake investment platforms and phishing scams targeting cryptocurrency holders.

Employment Scams

These scammers offer fake job opportunities to collect personal information or fees from victims.

They often ask for some sort of payment to help their victims find a non-existent job.

Online Account Tax Scam

Fraudsters claim to need personal information to assist with tax filings or refunds.

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