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Amazon Executive Says It’s A “Myth” Robots Replace Jobs

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An Amazon executive recently said it’s a “myth” automation and robotics are eliminating jobs during a CNBC interview. 

Stefano La Rovere, director of Amazon global robotics, mechatronics, and sustainable packaging, said these technologies are not replacing jobs but augmenting roles and creating new job categories.

In his conversation with "Street Signs Europe," La Rovere explained integrating advanced robotics and artificial intelligence fosters the development of entirely new job categories. 

He said over the past five years, Amazon has introduced over 1,000 new technologies in its European fulfillment centers, investing more than 700 million euros ($751 million). 

This advancement has improved over 50,000 jobs across the continent.

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La Rovere said: “Robots and technology help our employees … by reducing walking distance between assignments, by taking away repetitive motions, or [by] helping them to lift heavy weights.

“In turn, our employees can learn new skills, they can learn new competencies, they can acquire new capabilities that allow them to progress towards their career objectives.

He added: “Over the last years, more than 700 new categories of jobs have been created by the use of technology.”

He cited his own team, the Amazon robotics and AI division,  which focuses on automating processes within Amazon’s extensive network of fulfillment centers responsible for packing orders and preparing them for delivery to customers.

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