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Amazon makes effort to block counterfeits from its e-commerce platform


Amazon is attempting to combat counterfeits from its online stores, which is seen as an organized crime on its platform.

The new Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange program will help retailers label and track marketplace items as counterfeit.

US online marketplaces, including Amazon, face challenges preventing counterfeiters and fake stocks from entering their warehouses. 

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The new initiative is modeled after data exchange programs used by the credit card industry to detect scammers and their strategies.

Stores and Amazon third-party sellers can give information anonymously.


They can also record identifying counterfeiters to a third-party database or use it to stop doing business with them.

Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s vice president of selling partner services, said: "We think it is critical to share information about confirmed counterfeiters to help the entire industry stop these criminals earlier.”

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In 2021, the Seattle behemoth conducted an anti-counterfeiting initiative with an unspecified number of fashion, home goods, and cosmetics stores where counterfeiting is prevalent.

It also collaborates with US Customs and Border Protection on a data pilot as part of other anti-counterfeiting operation's.

It helps the firm identify and focus on low-value e-commerce shipments that may include counterfeit items or violate other restrictions.

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