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April 2023 Layoffs: Walmart, 3M, and Disney axed thousands of jobs


April 2023 Layoffs: Walmart, EY, 3M, and Disney axed thousands of jobs

The challenging economic environment and high interest rates are continuing to push companies to shed their workers.

April 2023 saw major companies, including Walmart, EY, 3M, and Disney cutting jobs by thousands. 

Though the intensity is reducing, the labor market still remains cool, with companies continuing to slow or suspend hiring.

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Stellantis is offering voluntary buyouts to avert involuntary dismissals, while 5,000 General Motor staff accepted the buyouts and left the firm.

Businesses strive to stay afloat as the month witnessed several companies, including the once prosperous Tupperware facing bankruptcy.

More cuts are expected in the coming months, with McDonald’s advising staff to work from home in preparation for job losses.

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Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg also hinted at another round of layoffs after slashing tens of thousands of jobs during the past few months.

Accenture was reported to be delaying start dates for new MBA hires, while McKinsey’s bizarre move involves paying staff not to start their work.

Apple, hailed for avoiding job cuts, had no option but to make a modest workforce reduction.

This shows how desperate companies are and their strategies to bring back profitability.

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Here’s who’s firing in April 2023.

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