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EU Probes X Over Content Moderation Cuts

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The European Union is investigating X about its reduction in content moderation resources.

This inquiry marks the first major investigation under the EU's stringent new Digital Services Act regulating online content.

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, has officially requested X to provide information about the scaling down of its content moderation team.

This request arises from concerns triggered by a transparency report X submitted in March 2024.

It indicated a nearly 20 percent decrease in its content moderation staff since an earlier report in October 2023.

The Commission's concerns extend to X's reduced language support within the EU, which has dropped from 11 languages to seven.


The Commission is also probing X's risk assessments.

It also wants details on X's systems to mitigate the impacts of generative artificial intelligence on various fronts.

It includes electoral integrity, spreading illegal content, and safeguarding fundamental rights.

The Commission has set deadlines for X to respond, requiring information on content moderation and AI by May 17 and responses to additional queries by May 27.

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This step is part of broader formal proceedings initiated in December.

They follow concerns about X's handling of illegal content related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The focus is on X's adherence to obligations under the DSA, particularly in combating information manipulation and enhancing transparency.

The DSA has been effective since November 2022.

It mandates online platforms like X to address the risk of disinformation and enforce strict measures to eliminate hate speech while ensuring the balance with freedom of expression.

Non-compliance with the DSA could result in hefty penalties, potentially amounting to up to 6 percent of the company's global annual revenues.

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