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Meta targets business divisions in latest job cuts


Meta is set to initiate another round of layoffs, targeting business units including content moderation, policy, and regulatory teams. 

The affected employees are expected to receive notifications today (Wednesday, May 24) as part of its ongoing downsizing efforts.

In an internal memo viewed by The Washington Post, Meta's HR chief, Lori Goler, confirmed the impending cuts. 

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She acknowledged Wednesday would be another challenging day, with layoffs announced in business divisions and tech teams that had not previously faced cuts. 

Goler said the company, which owns Facebook and Instagram, would share reorganization plans for some teams and inform certain employees about management changes.


Spokesman Andy Stone emphasized the company's commitment to integrity efforts and community protection but concerns have been raised by current and former Meta employees. 

They believe significant cuts in trust and safety divisions could impede the company's ability to address viral political misinformation, foreign influence campaigns, and regulatory challenges. 

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Meta's downsizing aligns with a broader trend among tech giants, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, which have been trimming their workforces due to industry downturns. 

Meta, in particular, has faced increased competition from platforms like TikTok, impacting its advertising revenue and user base. 

Additionally, new privacy rules from Apple and economic challenges have negatively affected its digital advertising business. 

The company had previously invested heavily in developing the Metaverse, immersive digital realms accessed through augmented and virtual reality.

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In total, Meta plans to eliminate 21,000 positions, including the latest round of 10,000 layoffs. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has designated 2023 as the "year of efficiency," aiming to reshape the company to be leaner and more streamlined. 

Meta had already cut around 4,000 workers from its tech divisions last month.

An estimated 6,000 more employees in non-technical roles are expected to be laid off in this latest wave of cuts. 

Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of efficiency across all groups to enable technology teams to operate at their optimal level while ensuring critical and legal obligations are met.

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