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Salesforce could cut more jobs to boost profits


Salesforce could conduct more layoffs amid profitability drive

Salesforce COO Brian Millham has told his employees about more possible layoffs as the company works to improve profitability.

In a memo to staff, he said: “The structure of the organization — if we feel like it needs to change and reshape — we’re going to make those moves to drive the efficiencies.”

He added that Salesforce’s business review consultant Bain has still to give final recommendations.

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The San Francisco-based software provider announced massive job cut plans in January when almost 8,000 positions were affected.

Its biggest-ever staff downsizing came after years of hiring sprees and major takeovers, resulting in the closure of offices across the US. 

A group of activist investors who have purchased stock in the firm is now pressing for greater cost cuts to raise earnings and profit margins.

Salesforce isn’t the only tech giant shedding workforce in large numbers.

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In recent months, Meta, Amazon, and Twilio conducted further series of layoffs, totaling over 21,000 jobs. 

Millham joined the firm in 1999 as its 13th employee and rose to chief operating officer last year.

He said the current focus is on increasing the efficiency of the sales and go-to-market divisions he manages and also exploring new selling opportunities.

It includes those as with the company’s newly revealed AI products.

He took over some of the operational and customer-facing duties that co-CEO Bret Taylor held before departing earlier this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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