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The Strange Hobbies Of The World’s Richest People

The world’s billionaires are different from us in many ways.

For a start, they have access to endless money, which makes the pursuit of a life of luxury a lot easier.

They have distinctive characteristics, buy luxurious things with their money, and they think differently than everyone else.

Having all this money in the bank makes them different, though the world’s richest individuals are still down to earth in some ways.

Some even have relatively "normal" hobbies.

They have their own habits and enjoy relaxing the way all of us do.


Even billionaires occasionally need some downtime. 

These are the weird and unique hobbies billionaires do in their spare time:

Oprah Winfrey

Hobby: Bathing

Day job: Media mogul

"Having a bath" probably isn't an actual hobby.

However, it's one of the things America's beloved chat show host likes to do the best if she needs a bit of downtime.

A lot of people like to relax in a warm bath, but, of course, Oprah's has been given the billionaire treatment.

Hers is a custom-made hard-carved bathtub made of onyx and marble.

Richard Branson

Hobby: Balloon travel

Day job: Virgin Group founder

Richard Branson is many things; smart, eccentric, adventurous, and is never scared to try something new or dangerous, and his hobby shows it.

In 1987 he successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon then he crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1991.

We’d say that deserves a mention when we’re talking about the strange and unusual hobbies billionaires love.

Bill Gates

Hobby: Tennis and book collecting

Day job: Microsoft founder

If you’re as wealthy and successful as Bill Gates, why restrict yourself to only one hobby?

Gates told a Reddit AMA he loves playing tennis and bridge in his free time.

Book collecting is something Gates loves too; he even splashed out $30.8 million for a Leonardo da Vinci manuscript, which is not something the rest of us can do when we're looking to add a bit of color to our walls.

Warren Buffett

Hobby: Playing the Ukulele

Day job: Berkshire Hathaway Chairman

It's likely you've heard his investing tips over the years, but have you heard Warren Buffett play the ukulele?

The billionaire chooses to unwind by playing the stringed instrument. In fact, it's one of his favorite hobbies, and he’s not afraid to show off his skills.

The video below shows one of music's most unlikely collaborations as Buffett shows off his skills with rock legend Jon Bon Jovi.

Video Thumbnail

Elon Musk

Hobby: Collecting James Bond memorabilia

Day job: Tesla CEO, SpaceX CEO

This certainly ranks up there for quirky hobbies billionaires love.

Elon Musk paid nearly $1 million for the Lotus Elise submarine car from the James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me.'

His vision of turning it into a real submarine car didn’t come happen.

It's not known how much time he's able to spend on his hobby as he's fairly busy with being the world's richest person, running Tesla, Spacex and X, and dealing with the numerous lawsuits he's currently involved.

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Jeff Bezos

Amazon's ultra-rich owner is known for his love of sleep - to the point he keeps a sleeping bag in his office in case he needs a power nap.

That's not really a hobby, but Bezos does have one particular interest that's only really an option if you've got plenty of cash - which he has.

When he's not working, Bezos likes nothing better than getting on boats, going out to sea and hunting for bits of NASA rockets that have landed in the ocean.

He hires teams of submarines to scour the ocean, and even takes his family along.

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Elon Musk

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