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The weird jobs you didn’t know existed

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The job market of 2024 has changed so much it no longer means spending hours a day in an office or braving the elements doing work outside.

In fact, there are some weird jobs out there.

These include everything from being paid to eat chocolate, to watching Netflix in your bed.

With the world evolving each day, there are more and more unexpected job roles to do.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing though as these jobs definitely beat sitting at a desk all day and prove that the job market is a lot more interesting than you think!


Netflix Tagger

When you are watching a film on Netflix and you finish it, they always have suggestions on what to watch next... have you ever wondered how they match up the suggestions so well to the film you just watched?

That's because someone is paid to watch Netflix shows all day and tag them with suitable keywords that will match them up with viewers with particular tastes.

Netflix described the position as freelance, flexible, and suitable for working from home.

The average salary is set at $69,906 per year.

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Seat Filler

Have you ever noticed there are never any empty seats during televised awards ceremonies?

Well, according to event organizers it's seen as embarrassing if all seats aren't filled so they actually hire someone to fill out empty seats!

Unfortunately, it’s a voluntary position, so as far as unusual jobs go, it's not exactly a job to make a career with but it's a good experience from time to time - and probably tremendous fun.

Food Stylist

When you are watching a TV advert for Mcdonald's or any food chain, the food advertised on TV looks extremely different from when you buy it in person.

That's because they hire someone to 'style' the food like a model on a catwalk.

Some stylists will have a Culinary Arts degree, but many start off as professional photographers.

Techniques involve everything from spraying food with water and sugar to make it catch the light, to injecting it with water just to plump it up.

The average salary is $61,172 per year.

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Chocolate Taster

This is a dream job for nearly everyone across the globe! You certainly can't go wrong with getting paid to eat chocolate.

This job is ideal for students with an average salary of $14 per hour.

The only requirements for the job were to have a passion for confectionery and a good grasp of the English language.

Professional Queuer

Usually, the thought of queuing is awful and nobody ever wants to sit there for hours and hours queuing!

But believe it or not, there are people who love it so much it's their living.

Waiting for your turn is seen as a huge inconvenience in other countries that websites have started making a mint by punting out bodies to wait in line on your behalf.

The average salary is $26.70 per hour!

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