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The man who was left “unable to work” due to a McDonald’s napkin and three other ridiculous lawsuits

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When most of us aren't satisfied with a product or service, we usually contact the company to sort out the issue or go elsewhere.

Some people, however, go to the extreme and file a lawsuit, often asking for colossal sums of money.

Sometimes, they find themselves up against the might of giant corporations' legal teams, but on occasion, they walk off with some impressive payouts.

From having too much ice in a drink at Starbucks to an unsatisfied customer at subway for the size of their sandwich, here are ridiculous lawsuits.




In 2014, Sirgiorgio Sanford Clardy attempted to sue Nike for $100 million.

He wanted to sue the multinational corporation because he believed the Air Jordan sneakers he purchased should've had a warning that they could be used as a weapon.

The lawsuit occurred after Clardy, who was a pimp, was jailed for a staggering 100 years for stomping on the face of a customer who tried to leave a hotel without paying.

Instead of considering whether the brutally violent attack was the right thing to do, he decided to take on the giant sneaker company in court.

Tim Coleman, one of Nike's lawyers, said: "There's no defect in the shoes.

"There's no evidence of defect or dangerous condition of these shoes when used normally."

The company's lawyers only spoke for 90 seconds regarding this case, with Clardy speaking for around 25 minutes, interrupting the judge and making largely meaningless arguments.

Unsurprisingly, he didn't receive a payout from Nike.


In April 2016, Stacy Pincus wanted to sue Starbucks for $5 million.

She says too much ice is put into cold drinks.

She also accused the company of false advertisement as the company claimed their iced drinks contained 24 ounces of liquid when the cup only had 14 ounces.

The US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform said it was the 'most frivolous lawsuit.'

Another man, Alexander Forouzesh, also sued for a similar reason, and also failed.

The case was dismissed.

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In 2013, Subway customers filed a lawsuit against the sandwich company.

The group claimed its footlong subs didn't consistently measure up to 12 inches.

They wanted $5 million from Subway.

However, the case was called 'weak" and thrown out.

However, Subway did agree to make sure its subs were the proper size and paid $520,000 in attorney fees and $500 to each of the customers.

When both parties thought it was over, it was appealed impressively named Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Class Action Fairness.

On August 25, 2017, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals denied the settlement because it would have left the group with nothing.


In 2014 Webster Lucas sued the company for $1.5 million for only receiving one napkin with his meal.

An argument kicked off because of this, and despite being offered free burgers, he claimed the incident left him 'emotionally distressed' and 'unable to work.'

According to NBC Los Angeles, before he wanted to sue McDonald's, he had done this twice before against Jack in the Box.

Both times he received nothing for his claims.

All Lucas gained from this case was being added to California's vexatious litigant list.

This stops him from future claims for some time.

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