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Uber Eats changes Super Bowl ad after food allergy backlash

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Uber Eats has made changes to its Super Bowl advert following backlash for making a joke about peanut allergies.

The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) acknowledged the delivery giant's swift action to remove scenes depicting an allergic reaction to peanut butter

Although Uber has not formally commented, the revised ad has been circulated.

The Super Bowl, a pinnacle event for advertisers due to its massive viewership, hosts some of the year's most expected ads.

Companies often prepare months ahead for their moment in the spotlight. 

Initially, the ad featured various humorous scenarios related to forgetting important details, aligned with the slogan "Don't forget to remember Uber Eats." 

In the ad, a man unwittingly eats peanut butter despite his allergy, and Jennifer Aniston doesn't recognise her "Friends" co-star David Schwimmer.

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It’s followed by David Beckham jokingly referring to Victoria Beckham as the "Pepper Lady," a nod to her Spice Girls days.

However, FARE and other advocacy groups raised concerns, arguing that food allergies should not be trivialised. 

FARE's engagement with Uber led to removing allergy-related content, a move for which the charity expressed gratitude. 

Uber's agency, Special Group, has not commented on the controversy. 

Uber's quick change to the advertisement was met with positive reactions online, though the incident might be seen as a misstep the company would prefer to forget. 

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