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$4 Billion SK Hynix Indiana Chip Plant Will Create Up To 1,000 Jobs

SK Hynix US Headquarters

South Korea's SK Hynix has plans to construct a $4 billion advanced chip-packaging facility in West Lafayette, Indiana, which will create 800 to 1,000 new jobs. 

The facility is close to Purdue University, known for its extensive semiconductor and microelectronics engineering programs.

The investment will benefit from state and federal incentives to support the project's financing.

The decision, which SK Hynix's board has yet to be finalized, could see the facility operational by 2028. 

This investment offers a chance to claim a stake in the manufacturing supply chain for high-demand semiconductor components, a domain traditionally dominated by Asia.

The move aligns with the Biden administration's goal to bolster the US's semiconductor capabilities.


SK Hynix is noted for its dominance in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market.

This plays a crucial role as the exclusive partner to Nvidia's top-tier graphics processors. 

This partnership is pivotal for powering the next wave of artificial intelligence applications, including technologies like OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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The planned facility marks a major step toward domesticating a part of the semiconductor production process that has largely been overseas. 

Advanced chip packaging is vital for the next generation of AI technologies, necessitating sophisticated techniques to enhance processing capabilities significantly. 

SK Hynix's move also signals a broader trend of increasing semiconductor manufacturing capabilities within the US, backed by initiatives like the US Chips Act.

The West Lafayette site will focus on HBM packaging and explore other advanced packaging techniques.

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