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Amazon tried to coerce unionized New York with illegal subpoenas, investigation finds

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Federal prosecutors have determined that Amazon coerced New York warehouse workers to hinder their labor activities.

A regional director of the National Labor Relations Board found Amazon broke employees' rights by using illegal subpoenas. 

A settlement wasn't made, and agency spokesperson Kayla Blado said the director would now file a complaint on behalf of the labor board’s general counsel.

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The investigation follows he Seattle giant’s ongoing attempt to overturn the Amazon Labor Union's record electoral win last spring at an 8,000-employee facility on Staten Island.

ALU attorney Seth Goldstein says in that case, Amazon tried to get extensive documents, including text messages from workers to each other.


It was ruled this had a negative impact on employees' desire to take part in the organization.

Goldstein said: “They violated their rights by requesting protected information.

“They asked for everything in their fishing expedition to overturn the election.”

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Amazon has denied any wrongdoing in the latest NLRB complaints.

Spokesperson Mary Kate Paradis said: “Requesting information through subpoenas is standard practice and necessary to support our objections in this case.

“There was no unlawful activity and we look forward to showing that as this process continues.” 

The firm is currently challenging a ruling from another NLRB regional director who rejected its objections to the Staten Island election.

Source: Bloomberg

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