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How A Small, Spiky Animal Forced McDonald’s To Change McFlurries Forever

A pair of hedgehogs

Fast food companies come in for a lot of criticism, largely for their unhealthy food and ruthless promotion tactics.

In recent years, the likes of McDonald's have made more of an effort to improve their image, offering healthier food options and reducing the amount of marketing aimed at children.

In the UK, the fast good giant found itself facing an interesting challenge with the launch of its McFlurry.

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After revealing the product in 2006, McDonald's was contacted by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (Yes, that is a thing).

U.S readers will be interested to know a hedgehog is a small spiked animal that lives in woods and gardens in the United Kingdom.

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It is not native to the U.S but it is illegal to keep them as pets in some states.

The society raised concerns the animals could be attracted to the leftover ice cream and become trapped in discarded containers.

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McDonald's listened and redesigned the UK version of the packaging to be more hedgehog-friendly.

The move turned out to be an excellent PR move for the company as it showed it was prepared to listen to concerns over its environmental impact.

After it's success, the society said: "We are delighted. Many hedgehog lives will be saved."

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