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WhatJobs Launches in Denmark, Expanding Into Scandinavia

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WhatJobs is proud to announce its recent launch in Denmark, marking a significant milestone in its expansion into the Scandinavian market.

This strategic move comes on the heels of a successful launch in Sweden in late 2023, underlining WhatJobs' commitment to becoming the largest job search business worldwide by the end of 2024.

Expanding Brand Exposure and Breaking New Ground

WhatJobs aims to enhance brand exposure and introduce Danish job seekers and employers to its unique service offerings.

The platform distinguishes itself by aggregating jobs from major sources, providing more listings than the main government-run site, Work in Denmark.

It also offers a "try before you buy" low-cost job posting service for direct employers and recruiters.

Innovative AI-Driven Job Matching

In an exciting development, WhatJobs will soon launch a new job seeker platform that leverages AI capabilities for an enhanced search and apply experience.

This platform promises to revolutionize the job-matching process by reading users' resumes and pairing them with suitable job listings almost instantly.

The AI advisor is designed to engage in recruitment consultant-like conversations, assisting job seekers in finding roles that match their skills in natural human language.

Commitment to Privacy and Global Expansion

WhatJobs has recently updated its privacy guidelines to align with international standards, ensuring user privacy and data protection in accordance with European laws.

As WhatJobs sets its sights on covering all six Scandinavian countries by the end of Summer 2024, this commitment to privacy is more crucial than ever.

A Testament to Global Reach and Effectiveness

In the first quarter of 2024 alone, WhatJobs has successfully connected 15 million job seekers with opportunities across 68 countries, demonstrating its effectiveness and global reach.

This achievement highlights WhatJobs' capacity to meet the needs of clients and job seekers worldwide.

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Alex McDowell, Sales Director at WhatJobs, said: "We are excited to launch in Denmark and look forward to collaborating with both old and new businesses.

"Anyone interested should contact me at"

Shane McGourty, Global Managing Director, added, "Our clients and users can expect more launches in the coming months, including Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Finland, Israel, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as further expansions into Africa.

"These steps are crucial in our quest to cement our status as the continent's largest employment service."

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