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What are Beta services?

The ‘beta’ label means looking at the first or second phase of a new service, tool, product, or web page introduced by This means we are testing or sampling new ideas and inviting our users to try the product while encouraging feedback.

Why do we do this?

WhatJobs regularly launch new products or services for our audience. We are letting users know that we are looking to test and improve performance during this phase continually. We feel the best way to do this is by opening up to certain ‘real-life’ users.

By displaying the beta label, we are effectively telling the user that this is a new service and may not work as expected.

If you find any errors on beta pages, please email us at [email protected] and provide as much information as possible. On occasion, a WhatJobs new, improved service will be available simultaneously with an older one. In these circumstances, you can choose which one to use.

After a successful beta program, we will usually change the status to ‘live’ and replace any older services that perform the same task.

Beta for employers’ products

As WhatJobs expands its global offering to direct employers and recruiters, we work with hundreds of international partners to ensure our products work in the USA and across every country we operate within.

Using the phase one employer’s job posting product, you may find that features will appear one day, disappear the next, and vice versa. You may also find that certain features do not work as well as expected. We continue to monitor this feedback, and once we feel we are ready to go ‘live,’ the beta sign will be taken down.

Last updated 09 September 2022

We offer invoice accounts to clients wishing to pay for a year of service. This gives you access to the service for the full year, from the date payment is received. 

The product is designed for direct Employers. We allow jobs to be listed with their individual company logo but the account company name will be shown alongside all listings.

WhatJobs Employer subscription provides a suite of tools to its users. This includes; employer dashboard, nationwide coverage, applicant filtering, invite teammates, ATS solutions, performance reporting, advanced job advertising and a host of other features. Access is available through

Posting a vacancy on WhatJobs can be done via the dashboard, this is available once you have created your account. You will see “Post A Job” which will walk you through the steps to getting your jobs live. Alternatively, jobs can be posted via XML or API feed. Documentation for feed implementation can be found at

The affiliate program can be accessed via and will allow you to monetize your website. You will be paid a commission of up to 50% for valid clicks.

Please send details to [email protected] so we can remove the listing/ listings.

Go to My Account and click on Company Settings. Scroll down to Delete Profile and click to remove your profile from the WhatJobs Employers system.