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Amazon workers at new Birmingham facility to strike

The sign of the Amazon warehouse at Newport, Delaware

Amazon workers at new Birmingham facility to strike this month

Amazon workers at a newly opened distribution centre in Birmingham have voted to join in the ongoing strikes over pay and working conditions.

Around 100 warehouse workers plan to stage a walkout on Thursday, January 25.

Despite the facility's recent launch in October 2023, some staff members have chosen to join the strike, which Amazon has not formally acknowledged.

A company spokesperson claimed the action would have "zero disruption" for its customers.

They said only 19 union members of the 2,000 warehouse staff had voted to support the strikes. 

Amazon also announced its plan to raise the minimum starting pay for staff from £12.30 to £13 per hour by April.

It’s in tandem with the minimum wage increase to £11.44 an hour during the same month.

Workers at the Coventry depot could engage in the strikes again after a year of industrial actions.

However, a GMB union spokesperson said it is in the process of re-balloting Coventry workers, a procedure expected to run through January.

These strikes follow a series of industrial actions by Amazon staff at the Coventry and Rugeley facilities in the preceding year. 

Rachel Fagan, GMB organiser, said: “The message from GMB members at Amazon is the same; recognise our union and end poverty pay.”

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