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Apple Cuts Over 600 Jobs In California After Terminating Car Project

Apple Headquarters in Silicon Valley

Apple has laid off 614 employees across eight locations in Santa Clara, California, this is its first major staff cutback since the pandemic. 

This decision was disclosed in a recent state document. 

Employees were notified on March 28, and the layoffs were set to take effect on May 27. 

Unlike its competitors, Apple hasn’t largely downsized its teams due to the companys slower growth during the pandemic compared to its industry peers

The layoffs follow Apple's decision to discontinue a highly confidential project to develop an electric, autonomous vehicle under the Special Projects Group. 

The specific projects affected by the layoffs were not detailed in the state's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notice.

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None of the affected facilities are located at Apple’s main campus in Cupertino, which suggests that the cuts are targeted at its more clandestine ventures.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that machine shop managers, hardware engineers, and product design engineers were among the positions that were affected.. 

Apple declined to comment on the matter.

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