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Couple Sued British Airways After Trip To Caribbean Instead Of Spain

A British Airways jet flies through the sky

An unexpected trip to the Caribbean doesn't sound like the worst holiday option, but one couple got very upset and took legal action against British Airways.

Dr. Edward Gamson and his partner had booked a first-class flight with British Airways to Granada in Spain, in 2014.

However, a blunder by British Airways meant the couple, from Maryland, went to the small Caribbean island of Grenada.

Grenada was spelled correctly on their tickets, but the couple didn’t notice they were headed in the wrong direction until 20 minutes after their St. Lucia-bound flight departed from London.

The error meant they had to take seven different flights to get where they wanted to go.

The couple had planned to go to Spain after Dr. Gamson had attended a conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The whole trip cost them $2,776.

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Clearly, the couple weren't overly pleased by the experience, as they took British Airways to court.

He told ABC News: “Within 20 minutes of departing … we look at this little monitor in front of us, and the plane’s heading west, so I go up to the flight attendant and said, ‘Why west? Why not south? We’re going to Spain.

“He said, ‘Spain, what are you talking about? We’re going to Grenada. We’re in the West Indies,’ and my heart just dropped.”

British Airways: The Result

Dr. Gamson sued British Airways for $34,000, which he said would cover his first-class flights and lost wages.

However, the case was dismissed.

The judge ruled the airline had met its contractual obligations by transporting him to the destination specified on his ticket.

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