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5 CEOs who were murdered in cold blood


Being a CEO is demanding, but it isn't usually dangerous.

Yet, when some people get annoyed and say they will strangle their boss, they might mean it.

CEOs who attract public anger have always been targets for business and political assassinations.

They can be vulnerable to insane or dissatisfied employees with resentment who cannot resolve conflicts like an average person.


Here are the top 5 CEOs who were killed in cold blood:

Todd Bachman

Todd Bachman was the leader of Bachman's Floral, Home & Garden, based in Minneapolis.

He was well-known for being the father of Elizabeth Bachman McCutcheon who was a part of the 2004 women's indoor volleyball team, and father-in-law of the head coach of the 2008 mens indoor volleyball team, Hugh McCutcheon.

Tony was killed, and his wife and a female tour guide were severely injured in an apparent 'random' knife attack at the 2008 Chinese Olympic Games.

They were sightseeing at the popular Beijing tourist attraction, the 14th century Drum Tower.

The murderer was 47-year-old Tang Yongming.

Moments after, he killed himself by jumping from the second floor of the building.

Gagandip Singh

Gagandip Singh, one of the Sky channel Sikh TV owners, was found dead in February 2011 in his car that was burnt out on a back road in London with severe injuries to the head.

He had already made a reputation for overpowering outside and inside the business world.

This may have been the reason for the young man's death.

His girlfriend and a friend were thought to be entangled in a love triangle.

Mundill Mahil, his girlfriend, was jailed for six years for grievous bodily harm in 2012.

Harinder Shokar, 20, from Greenwich in south-east London, was given a life sentence for murder.

Darren Peters, 20, from Blackheath, south-east London received 12 years for manslaughter.

The tragedy followed his father Charanjit being shot and killed in India in 2009.

Andy Hadjicostis

Andy Hadjicostis was the head of Cyprus' most influential publishing house.

He was shot outside his home by unidentified attackers.

It has been suggested that politics was the main reason for the murder.

It was suggested Hadjicostis used his media powers to support peace negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

His murder was planned to weaken the problem and create more trouble between both sides.

However, police said the real reasons were business, money and revenge

Elena Skordeli - a presenter on one of Hadjicostis' TV stations - her brother and two others suspects were all sentenced to life in prison in June 2013 for the conspiracy and murder.

It was revealed during the trial that Skordeli had been sacked by Hadjicostis in 2008.

She and her brother, Tassos Krasopoulis, plotted to take over the business after the murder.

They lost an appeal against their sentences in 2016.

Tim Mackay

Tim Mackay was the very well-known and respected CEO of the Holcim Indonesia cement company.

He was one of the many victims of the 2009 hotel bombings in Indonesia.

It was the first big terrorist attack the country had had for four years.

Tim was going to a business meeting at the Marriott hotel in the capital city of Indonesia when he was caught up in the explosion of a bomb that was planted in the breakfast room.

The explosion killed nine people and injured 50.

The police believe the attack was planned by the al-Qaeda-controlled group Jemaah Islamiyah and by the now-dead extremist Noordin Mohammad Top.

Lalit Kishore Chaudhary

The head of the Indian car component manufacturer Graziano Transmission, Lalit Chaudhary, was pushed to fire a considerable number of employees because of an outbreak of violence at the plant in 2007 and the dire economic conditions.

Following the firings, he invited 100 of his ex-workers back for a meeting in September 2008 to discuss a potential reinstatement deal.

But the entire crowd ganged up on his staff and beat him with a hammer till he died.

Thirty-four people were injured, and up to 100 were arrested.

Four men were jailed for life for the murder in 2008.

They were: Rajinder Kumar, Mohinder Singh, Pankesh Kumar and Sajjan Kumar. They were also fined ₹3,000 each.

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