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Glassdoor reveals best 10 jobs in the US -and they all pay more than $100k

Tech worker

New research shows some of the best jobs in the US are offering flexible work arrangements and six figure salaries.

The data from Glassdoor shows the 50 best jobs in America in 2022.

And the tech industry is the place to be, with nine of the top 10 in jobs in that industry.


Glassdoor's senior economist and data scientist Daniel Zhao told CNBC Make It: “Nowadays, every company is a tech company.

“The pandemic has really emphasized the value of data because of how sharp and unpredictable the changes from this crisis have been – more companies are turning to real-time data to understand what’s going on and make decisions.” 

The list identifies the top careers for job-seekers that offer ample job openings, strong job satisfaction and high earning potential. 

Glassdoor focused on companies with at least 100 salary reports and 2,000 job postings on its site as of December 2021.

Number one was Enterprise Architect - which is a role where the architect is responsible for the entire infrastructure of the company's IT, including designing processes, documenting essential IT procedures, tracking project progress and maintaining a security focus.

Second was Full Stack Engineer - This is a role designing user interactions on websites, developing servers and databases for website functionality and write code for mobile platforms.

The median salary for this is $101,794.

Data scientists and DevOps engineers will get around $120,000 for their skills.

Other roles include Strategy Managers on $140,000, machine learning engineers on $130,489 and software engineers on $116,638

The only role outside the tech industry was a strategy manager, whose role is to review an organization to determine strengths, weaknesses, operational effectiveness and opportunities for improvement, recommend initiatives that minimize risks and formulate plans to achieve long-term goals.

Glassdoor's Richard Johnson told Techrepublic: “Tech jobs in particular, such as software engineer with one of the highest active openings, offer the type of flexibility that people are looking for.

"Figure out what matters most to you, and find the company that most closely aligns with those values,” he said. “Or, if you’re just looking to upgrade to a new job, this list is a good place to start.”

The top 50 can be found here.

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