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Infosys joins a slew of tech companies to invest in AI


India's second-largest software services exporter, Infosys, has announced a significant five-year deal in AI technology. 

The company has signed an agreement with an existing client to deliver artificial intelligence and automation services, with a target expenditure of approximately $2 billion.

The deal encompasses various AI and automation-related services, including development, modernization, and maintenance. 

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The client's identity remains confidential.

This development comes as the global business landscape witnesses a surge in AI investments.

It follows the success of Microsoft-backed OpenAI's generative chatbot, ChatGPT, in late 2022. 

Companies globally are intensifying their efforts to capitalize on AI capabilities in response to these advancements.

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Infosys' move comes after Tata's recent announcement of training 25,000 engineers to obtain certification in Microsoft's Azure Open AI. 

Similarly, Wipro plans to invest $1 billion in AI over three years. 

In May, Infosys launched Infosys Topaz, a platform focused on generative AI.

The company is scheduled to release its first-quarter results on Thursday, July 20, unveiling the financial impact of this strategic deal.

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