Uber Technologies is intensifying its efforts to promote sustainability in India by introducing various green initiatives.

The company aims to expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs) on its platform, collaborate with fleet operators, enhance financing options, and offer users the choice to hire electric vehicles when booking a ride.

In June, Uber plans to launch Uber Green, which will involve the addition of 25,000 electric cars to its platform through partnerships with fleet providers like Lithium, Everest, and Moove.

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Furthermore, in conjunction with Zypp Electric, an EV start-up, Uber will introduce 10,000 electric two-wheelers in Delhi by 2024.

To support the adoption of clean cars and establish charging infrastructure, Uber has partnered with SIDBI, a micro-lender, to offer 10 billion rupees ($122.3 million) in financing.

This funding will enable individuals to purchase EVs and develop charging stations with collaborative efforts.

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The introduction of these sustainable measures is motivated by Uber’s commitment to electrify every ride on its platform by 2040. Recognizing India’s significant scale and progress in electrification,

Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s Senior Vice President for Mobility and Business Operations, emphasized the country’s importance as a priority market for Uber.

He said: “India’s huge scale and electrification momentum makes the country a priority for Uber as we seek to meet our commitment to electrify every ride on our platform by 2040.”

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Uber’s plans to build a green fleet align with its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

With aspirations to exceed one million EVs in India and South Asia, Uber considers this region crucial for its regional growth strategy and sustainable transportation goals.

Earlier this year, Uber unveiled its intention to introduce EVs for ride-sharing in India, marking its initial step toward embracing clean vehicles.

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This decision coincided with the Indian government’s push for increased electrification in public transportation and shared mobility.

Through these comprehensive endeavors, Uber is demonstrating its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, embracing sustainable transportation, and contributing to India’s electrification momentum.


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