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Lidl warehouse closure puts 100 jobs at risk

Lidl sign on the wall of a warehouse.

Lidl is facing the closure of its Walsall warehouse, which puts 100 jobs at risk, as it can’t meet current "operational requirements." 

The discounter has started a consultation period with affected employees, offering them the choice between redundancy or redeployment over the next 12 months.

The supermarket said it hoped to relocate most impacted workers to alternative sites, particularly its Wednesbury warehouse in the West Midlands. 

The Walsall facility, acquired by Lidl in 2008, is considered outdated, as it is around 50 years old.

This prompted Lidl to invest in modernising and expanding its logistics capabilities.

Lidl will make minimal changes in the overall headcount and create two new managerial positions as part of a broader logistics restructuring. 


The supermarket assures impacted staff members the opportunity for a guaranteed interview for these new positions, supporting them throughout the transition.

"It is no longer able to meet our operational requirements"

A Lidl spokeswoman said: “Since 2008, our Walsall facility has been a key support function for our stores and distribution centres.

“However, the site itself is not purpose-built having been constructed around 50 years ago and, with multiple buildings of varying ages, it is no longer able to meet our operational requirements.

“With regret, we are proposing the closure of this location with a view to consolidating operations within our newer warehouse facilities nearby.”

She added: “We have recently conducted a review of one of the team structures within our warehouses, to ensure our logistics function is set up as effectively as possible for our growing business, whilst also supporting and developing colleagues.

“As a result, we have proposed the creation of two new management positions to improve the ratio of managers to team members. 

“Combined with additional investments in dedicated training packages, this will allow warehouse leaders to commit more time to individual colleagues, supporting both engagement and performance development.

“A small number of colleagues’ roles will be impacted by this change, but we are inviting them to apply for the new positions created and are supporting them through this consultation.”

Lidl recently unveiled its largest regional distribution centre in Luton in September 2022, to cater to the growing number of stores in London and the surrounding counties.

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