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Marks & Spencer to boost staff pay and improve benefits 

Marks & Spencer London store

Marks & Spencer has announced a pay bump for its employees starting in April, joining the competition among supermarkets to retain staff. 

The retailer will boost the minimum hourly wage to £12 for employees outside London and £13.15 for those in the capital.

It ensures all staff earn above the voluntary Real Living Wage. 

This adjustment will benefit around 40,000 workers across its food and clothing sectors.

M&S will also improve its maternity, paternity, and adoption benefits. 

The current pay rates stand at £10.90 per hour outside London and £12.05 within, making the new wages substantially higher than the National Living Wage, slated to rise to £11.44 in April 2024 for workers aged 21 and above.

M&S's move aligns with similar wage increases by Aldi, Sainsbury's, and Lidl, with Aldi already implementing a £12 minimum hourly rate from February. 

Tesco, Britain's largest grocer, currently pays £11.02 and £11.95 per hour outside and inside London, respectively, but like others, will need to adjust its pay in accordance with the upcoming minimum wage hike.

M&S announced pay rises for its team support managers to £13.05 and £14.20 per hour outside and inside London, respectively. 

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$146m invested in retail pay since 2022

This initiative is part of a more than £146 million investment in retail pay since March 2022.

Starting April 2024, M&S plans to introduce six weeks of full-pay paternity leave, becoming one of the first retailers to do so. 

It will also nearly double its maternity and adoption leave to 26 weeks at full pay, representing a £5 million annual investment. 

CEO Stuart Machin said the company aims to become the UK's most trusted retailer and employer.

He said: "But creating a great place to work isn't just about pay; it's about the overall package and colleagues feeling valued and able to be their best."

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