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Meta to announce new layoffs that could hit technical staff


Meta to announce new layoffs that could hit its technical staff

Facebook parent Meta is set to announce more details of layoffs in its technical department as part of a drive to lay off 10,000 staff.

It also plans to announce newly restructured teams and management hierarchies as it seeks to become leaner and more efficient.

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Ms. Goler mentioned the impacted departments are from Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and the virtual-reality unit Reality Labs.

In the memo, she informed some workers not to work in person if it wasn’t crucial for their job.

Goler added that senior executives made the layoff decisions for a broader restructuring drive.

She wrote: “This will be a difficult time as we say goodbye to friends and colleagues who have contributed so much to Meta.

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“It will take time for everyone — both those leaving and those staying — to process tomorrow’s news, and I know teams will show up for each other with compassion, support and care.”

Sources said the company would shed another thousand highly skilled workers, including engineers and other technical staffers who help build its products.

Meta engineers have long enjoyed job security, high pay, freedom, and the opportunity to work on their preferred projects amid a talent war in Silicon Valley.

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Goler said staffers being hit will be reached today morning (April 19), and the process may vary for those outside North America. 

Last month, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg warned of layoffs and informed about a reorganizing of technical teams in late April.

He said it will be followed by reductions to supporting business teams in late May.

Meta expects to slash about 10,000 positions and leave 5,000 roles unfilled.

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In March, Zuckerberg hinted the layoffs would disproportionately affect business support teams.

He argued that the rebalance will create an “optimal ratio of engineers to other roles” to ensure “our company remains primarily technologists.”

The new layoffs follow the November staff downsizing that eliminated 11,000 jobs, or around 13 percent of its workforce, in the company’s first major cuts.

Source: The Washington Post

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