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Amazon employees call for better flexibility in latest strike


Amazon corporate employees call for better flexibility in latest walkout

Over 1,700 Amazon employees are to walk out, demanding increased flexibility for remote work and more attention to climate issues.

The strike is happening today (Wednesday, May 31).

Of the 1,726 employees who signed up, around 830 intend to walk out of Amazon’s Seattle headquarters physically.

However, another 890 will join from offices around the world.

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The planning for the walkout began last week, preceding the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

It happened nearly a month after implementing a policy requiring employees to work from the office at least three days per week. 

The mandate received support from local businesses and politicians in Seattle.

They hoped the return of thousands of workers would revitalize the neighborhood and inspire other companies to implement similar directives.

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The participating employees are united by their frustration with recent decisions made by Amazon’s leadership, including layoffs and the return-to-office mandate.

They are also protesting against a perceived lack of action on climate change. 

The walkout is a joint effort organized by Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and Amazon’s Remote Advocacy community leaders, which emerged in response to the return-to-office mandate.

The walkout organizers highlighted the importance of addressing climate impact and urged the company to prioritize environmental considerations in decision-making. 

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They claimed Amazon has failed to fulfill its commitments outlined in its Climate Pledge and has even increased its carbon emissions.

In response, the company said it respects its employees’ right to express their opinions.

For the walkout to proceed, at least 1,000 workers must pledge participation. 

In 2019, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice led a walkout urging the company to lead in combating climate change by reducing carbon emissions and discontinuing support for climate action-blocking lobbying groups.

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Amazon has publicly announced its commitment to climate goals, including plans to deploy 100,000 electric delivery vans by 2030 and power its operations entirely with renewable energy by 2050. 

However, activists and some shareholders call for more ambitious targets, such as achieving zero-emissions deliveries by 2030. 

Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser said the firm would continue to invest, invent and collaborate to reach its goals.

The Seattle gathering of participating employees will take place outside the Spheres in South Lake Union from noon to 1 pm.

The location was chosen due to the significant number of Seattle-based Amazoians and the area’s symbolic association with the company.

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