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The Hardest Jobs In The World

Bomb disposal officers

Everyone, once in a while, might think they have the hardest job in the world.

But we only seem to think this when the workload increases or you are far behind schedule.

However, there are thousands of really demanding jobs that need a lot of attention.


From risky jobs such as cell tower workers to stressful ones like being a chef, here are some of the world's hardest jobs.

Stunt performer


Being a stunt performer is for the daredevils of this world.

It is definitely on the list as one of the most challenging, and dangerous, jobs.

The whole world is eyeing these people up, so they have a lot of pressure to get it right.

Their day-to-day tasks vary.

One day they could jump off tall buildings, and the next, they could lie on a nail bed while a car rolled over their body.

Overall, the stunts these brave people perform are extremely dangerous, and the risk of injury or even death is there.


If you are good at working under pressure and can deal with things being constantly shouted at you, then a chef could be a good career choice.

Being a chef can be challenging.

If you've ever seen an episode of "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" or "Hell's Kitchen" you can see just how difficult it is, particularly with a world-famous, furious, foul-mouthed chef yelling how useless you are.

You're unlikely to die as a chef (unless you're very unlucky) but it can be incredibly stressful.

Being a chef may be better than being a stuntman, but it can be mentally draining.

It will vary depending on the type of restaurant you work at, but most of the time, orders will fly in rapidly.

It will be your job to keep up with the demand and execute every meal flawlessly.

Cell Tower Climber

This job isn't for the light-hearted or anyone afraid of heights.

There is a lot of pressure and technical work that comes with this job, which you will need to know inside out.

Every day you will need to be working on dangerous heights.

The list of dangers in this role is never-ending.

You could fall or get struck by lightning, get electrocuted, and more.


This one goes without saying.

The tricky thing about being a scientist is that many people look forward to a brand-new invention that will benefit society.

The pressure on scientists to get it right can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Take the COVID vaccine as an example.

Scientists had to create a vaccine for the whole world to fight against a virus we have never had before to save lives in double-quick time.

Imagine how much pressure scientists felt.

To be a scientist, a person must be resourceful and innovative.

After all, discoveries are to be made, and research is to be concluded.

And there's the risk of massive lawsuits if you get it wrong.

Landmine Remover

A good rule in life is to avoid areas there are former warzones.

These areas tend to have areas populated by hundreds of undetonated landmine.

Of course, those areas are sealed off, but there are people whose job it is to go into these zones to remove these highly explosive landmines.

It needs a lot of training, a lot of skill and a whole lot of courage.

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