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Uniqlo sues Shein for allegedly copying its viral bag

Uniqlo shop sign in antwerp belgium

Uniqlo has sued Shein for copying its highly sought-after shoulder bag.

Filed at the Tokyo District Court, the lawsuit claims Shein's bags “closely resemble” Uniqlo's viral 'Mary Poppins' shoulder bag.

The Japanese online retailer has urged Shein to immediately cease sales of the disputed bag and is seeking “compensation for damages incurred”.

Fast Retailing, Uniqlo's parent company, said the lawsuit had been filed against Shein Japan and two of its subsidiaries last month.

The round Mini Shoulder bag called 'Mary Poppins' was been widely popular online, with social media videos of the bag amassing millions of likes the last year.

Fast Retailing said: “The company filed this complaint because it has determined that the form of the imitation products sold by Shein closely resembles that of its own product.


“The sale of the imitation products by Shein significantly undermines the high level of customer confidence in the quality of the Uniqlo brand and its products.”

This legal dispute is not the only challenge confronting Shein.

Temu launched a separate lawsuit in December, accusing Shein of "mafia-style intimidation of suppliers."

It also accuses Shein of infringing intellectual property rights, falsely imprisoning merchants, and employing other tactics to impede its rival's growth in the US market.

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