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RN, MD, Ph.D. or Therapist w/ Mental Health Experience Needed For Medical Virtual Assistant Agency
  • Virtual Nurse Rx
  • Sun City Center
  • 09/09/2022
This is a remote position. Scaling Premium Medical Virtual Assistant agency is looking for Rockstar team members to join our agency. We are looking for Registered ...   Read more
Virtual Assistant (remote)
  • United World Industries
  • New York
  • 09/12/2022
Virtual Assistant Job Responsibilities Respond to emails and phone calls Manage the CEO s calendar (including scheduling meetings) Book travel and accommodations\...   Read more
Virtual Assistant (remote)
  • St Bonaventure Church
  • New York
  • 09/12/2022
Virtual Assistant Job Responsibilities Respond to emails and phone calls Manage the CEO s calendar (including scheduling meetings) Book travel and accommodations\...   Read more
Remote Virtual Assistant
  • California City
  • 09/12/2022
We are looking for a Virtual Assistant to provide administrative support to our team while working remotely. As a Virtual Assistant, you will perform various administrative tasks, including answer...   Read more
Virtual Assistant (remote)
  • Larry Gerbrandt
  • Atlanta
  • 09/15/2022
  We are looking for a Virtual Assistant to perform various administrative tasks, including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements administrative support t...   Read more
Virtual Assistant
  • Expressions in Rhythm Studio LLC
  • Raleigh
  • 09/16/2022
Expressions in Rhythm Studio is looking to hire a proactive and detail-oriented Virtual Assistant with excellent written communication and customer service skills. The Virtual Assistant may receive...   Read more
Virtual Assistant (remote)
  • Printer Repair Depot
  • San Diego
  • 09/21/2022
Printer Repair Depot, is currently looking for a Virtual Assistant. If your true calling is to make other people's day, we want to hear from you! Every day we come ready to fight the good fight...   Read more
Part- Time Executive Virtual Assistant
  • LSI Staffing
  • Houston
  • 09/21/2022
As a part time Executive Virtual Assistant, you will handle many of the day-to-day admin operations of running a start-up that specializes in helping non-profits thrive. You will work 100% remo...   Read more
Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Specialist (Part-Time)
  • Genie Matthews and Associates
  • Myrtle Beach
  • 09/21/2022
Established Engineering Recruiting Firm seeks qualified Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Specialist to assist CEO and Recruiters with daily recruitment activities, management of ATS (Applicant Tra...   Read more
virtual assistant needed to set up employer account (stl) (Saint Louis)
  • Bitwire
  • Jacksonville
  • 09/26/2022
Description : We and #x27;re looking for an eager virtual assistant that can set up and manage an employer account, post the job ads on a weekly basis, and sen...   Read more

What's it like to be a virtual assistant? 

Due to the explosive rise of businesses online, experienced virtual assistants are currently among the most sought-after positions. 

Managers and owners are looking for virtual support as they realize they don't require anyone in a particular city or on the pay to do duties. 

This implies that you might be the right fit and best candidate for businesses all over the world while working from home or anywhere you choose.

Assisting businesses as virtual administrative support workers entail carrying out tasks using the online resources they employ. 

Many times, they are activities and software you already perform on a regular basis. 

Virtual assistants don't need extensive degrees or long-term work experience if any. 

Continue reading if it sounds appealing.

What is a virtual assistant?

A fantastic career choice that gives room for job flexibility with better work-life balance comes with taking up the career option as a virtual assistant. 

Virtual assistants help companies with essential technical and administrative tasks and specialized services remotely. 

Because of the advantages, it provides to both employers and employees, the sector of virtual assistance is one that is expanding quickly. 

By using virtual assistants to complete projects rather than engaging full-time staff or doing it themselves, employers can cut back and save time and expense. 

Additionally, virtual assistants relish the sense of freedom and independence of working virtually from home, which frequently presents chances for entry-level personnel. 

Since the work is on a freelance basis, you need excellent time management skills to excel in this field whether you work full-time or part-time. 

To establish a brand for yourself, several years of experience is required, as many clients will endorse you as an expert in this field. 

What services does a virtual assistant provide?‍

Any number of daily tasks can be delegated to virtual assistants on behalf of their clients. 

You may occasionally carry out a few particular duties exclusively for a company or owner. In other situations, you would be an integral part of core business growth operations and have a sense of belonging to the team. 

To be a virtual assistant enables you to be adaptable and explore a variety of scenarios before concentrating on the ones you prefer.

Let’s look at the top specialties that the Virtual Assistant role includes:

General admin work

Schedule management, email filtering, answering phone calls, appointment setting, making travel arrangements, and other administrative skills and activities are performed by on-site virtual assistants.

Project management

Certain virtual assistants manage initiatives for entrepreneurs. As a result, you will conduct meetings, and PowerPoint presentations, solicit reports from the team, and maintain records on the project's management and development. Keeping projects on schedule which is calendar management and within your allocated budget (money management) may also fall within your purview.


Every business needs help financially. 

Smaller businesses and those employing Virtual Assistants may require assistance with processing transactions, validating spending, paychecks, and developing monthly budget reports. 

This can be a nice starting point if you're good at math and marketing.

Billing and invoicing

Companies frequently want assistance with customer billing. 

In these positions, a virtual assistant will use the software system of the business to check the bills, check each invoice before sending it out, assist in processing transactions, and record those cash payments once they are finished.

Content research

You can discover more about the business, its offerings, and its clients through extensive web research. Then, it will be your responsibility to come up with suggestions and investigate the given areas in order to deliver pertinent knowledge.

Blogging and writing

On occasion, you'll also summarize the study's actual findings. The most typical format for this is weblog articles, but virtual assistants can also be hired to create other types of material, such as website pages.

Customer research

Understanding your clients is frequently necessary for growing firms. In this scenario, tracking and evaluating information provided by a firm's analysis tools will be distributed to virtual assistants as assignments.

Customer support

The majority of independent virtual assistants regularly do jobs including accepting emails, answering frequently asked inquiries, seeking customer information, and general assistance.

Data entry

In general, data entry is clerical work that involves organizing and typing data. 

Other times, you can have more intricate jobs that require you to examine the information you're reading in addition to generic information recording or typing.

E-commerce order management

Virtual assistants are typically a specialized sort of customer care that many e-commerce businesses utilize to analyze current customer orders, locate customer tracking details, and even refill products.

Email marketing

Customers may get messages as emails from you, and marketing programs may need you to handle emails. 

Sometimes a virtual assistant will send the email or reply to the recipient, mainly if the recipient requests something like scheduling an appointment.

Social media management

Social media management includes posting content related to the firm on social media platforms, handling the account by replying to comments, and ensuring the organization has a great online presence.

Social media marketing

Additionally, Virtual assistants can also specialize in social media marketing. Here, you can set expenditure limits for campaigns, choose ad targeting, or obtain advertising campaign updates and compile the necessary information for your supervisor.

Website management

Virtual assistants are frequently assigned with basic website upgrades, article uploading, proofreading, and other tasks. To excel here, you can require expertise in content management systems like WordPress.


Last but not least,virtual assistants frequently have to attend conferences or recordings and write down what is said. Additionally, you might be required to write documents and write reports about the discussions at work.


What are the most in-demand virtual assistant services?

These seven activities and needs are some of the most sought-after support services for independent virtual assistants and virtual administrative assistants, according to a search of today's job listings:

Cold calling

When you make unsolicited phone calls to somebody, you're attempting to pique their interest in a given good or service. 

The fact that the people you call haven't already shown interest makes it “cold.” 

Cold calling is commonly known as telemarketing

You'll frequently make a number of calls per day, adhere to a sales script, and should possess a very clear objective, like sell product A or "make them accept to attend a demonstration."

A virtual assistant must be able to take rejection and criticism well in order to be successful. 

However, working remotely can make that a bit simpler.

Taking customer calls

Businesses are outsourcing administrative work using their phones. 

This implies that you will be given a telephone dialer or phone number and be in charge of receiving calls. Based on the organization and the call, you may just have to give client information or dig up information—like order details for customers. 

After comprehending the caller's desire, you frequently direct the phone call to the appropriate person. 

This demands quick thinking and a solid knowledge of daily business operations and units.

Email communications

Due to the fact that some clients are now more likely to respond to emails than to phone calls, some businesses have shifted from phone-based marketing to email communications. 

Email is another technique to provide customer support for online firms as they might not have access to regular phone lines.

Virtual assistants' email correspondence involves many different subjects. You could respond to inquiries and requests from clients. Alternatively, you may draft emails for sales purposes and send them to individuals after a session or after they register for a website's newsletter or promotional offer. Professionalism and knowledge of the client are really beneficial.

Customer scheduling

To assist them with some of their everyday chores, small business owners frequently conduct hiring processes for people who have recently entered this field. 

The scheduling of meetings with clients, calls, and follow-ups is some of the most crucial tasks. To complete these jobs, you usually need to glance through someone's email first while keeping an eye on the timetable. 

You gather up all of their email requests for meetings and schedule them in a diary.

For help setting up a date and time for following-up meetings, you may need to attend the event itself in more senior positions. 

You'll frequently also have to get in touch with your employer to find out who has scheduled or needs to schedule a follow-up meeting. 

You'll then be responsible for contacting that customer through email or phone and attempting to arrange a time to speak with them.

File management and maintenance

Many businesses require highly organized employees to maintain their records and documents so that they are easily accessible to all employees. 

Virtual assistants come in very handy in this situation because your duties will entail fast scanning documents and placing them in the appropriate folders. The files may also need to have new names to conform to a uniform style. 

Maintaining files involves checking shared drives or folders, such as google docs or sheets, OneDrive or Google Drive, to make sure all of the files are present and labeled properly. For these duties, the ability to be detail-oriented and careful observance of instructions is extremely helpful.

Social media marketing

The majority of businesses must have a social media presence, but not all business owners have the time to do so. 

They will therefore pay you to produce and upload material to websites like Instagram and Facebook. 

Such posts must be relevant and reflect the brand of the firm. Pay special attention because every organization will have specific style criteria.

You'll need to make posts on social media and advertisements in addition to posting for organic promotion, and leverage the marketing platforms built into such services to do so. A strong business sense and the capacity to think strategically will help you locate the ideal combination of content to utilize the most of the funds your client has. You will work on content creation as well as budgets and analytics.

LinkedIn lead generation

This is likely the most specialized service on this list, but it is currently in demand for firms whose clients are some other businesses. 

LinkedIn is frequently used by service providers to locate possible target clients depending on location, sector, firm size, and other factors. 

In order to complete these tasks, the virtual assistant has to make use of software and searches to locate individuals on LinkedIn, compile lists of prospective targets, and then mail initial introductory messages to those people after your customer has approved the list. 

Strong business awareness and the ability to communicate with corporate executives are advantages for this talent. ‍

How to become a virtual assistant

Take training courses

You must get ready to manage your web business and work as a VA. To get started, look for some online Virtual Assistant-specific training. You now have access to a wide variety of premium and free courses and learning resources. Search for feedback or approach other VAs for advice once you found something that you like. Think about joining networking platforms like LinkedIn or other networking sites to inquire about the courses that virtual administrative assistants usually take.

The best method to develop the necessary abilities and comprehend what will be required from you after you acquire your first job and when moving towards the next one is to gain knowledge and get a bigger picture from well-versed specialists.

Determine the work you like and can do

Finding out what  virtual assistant responsibilities you enjoy and are good at should come after you've taken a few classes and read a lot of articles like this one. 

When it comes to the services you provide customers, these are a good way to start.

Make a list of the jobs you'll perform and examine their connections. 

Make a note of the things you can and cannot perform.

You'll be focusing on a multitude of things at once when you initially start off. 

This includes the work you do for clients as well as your business and internet projects. 

You'll score high levels if you initially focus on what you're strong at.

Figure out the prices to charge

Virtual administrative assistants and  virtual assistants charge a broad range of prices and fees. 

The jobs you perform and the quantity of your clientele will affect how much money you make. 

Checking out what other people are being compensated with is the finest point to start.

Visit websites that feature top independent virtual assistants or virtual assistant jobs so you may locate clients online and compare prices. 

Set a rate for your services reasonably compared to what the industry is offering so that clients will offer a chance and you won't have to charge an absurdly cheap rate to remain in the firm.

Keep in mind that your pricing should be good enough to assist you in covering your business costs and expenses, as well as other costs, such as medical care, if necessary. 

As a freelancer, you won't receive paid time off or bonuses unless you can afford them on your own.

Create an online presence

You must let the world know of your interests and prices after learning about them. 

The right place to begin is to build a portfolio online or résumé that highlights your past accomplishments, your current job-relevant talents, and any certificates you may have obtained through training programs.

It can be a lot simpler for people to locate you to start with if you have a website and active social media accounts.

A website can be created for free in a variety of ways, and LinkedIn and Facebook should be included in your social media efforts. 

Additionally, there are websites that provide you with a typical portfolio and simplify things for clients to assess you and your capabilities.

Start applying for jobs

You must now begin pursuing those potential clients. 

The first step is to search for businesses on job boards. 

People may quickly recruit independent virtual assistants or executive assistants using various freelancing platforms. 

In other instances, you can observe that a business is looking to employ a worker for assistance. 

You can contact the Human Resources department or hiring manager and offer your office services as a virtual assistant rather than applying for their permanent role. 

This would enable you to work remotely and have more control over your freelance day while still providing the client with the services they require.

Always remember to maintain your professionalism and be accessible. 

People anticipate a prompt response to any phone calls or emails they send because they want you to contact them clearly and promptly.

Learn about yourself and your clients

The final action is to treat all of this knowledge as a learning opportunity. 

You'll discover when you get started working that some people, businesses, sectors, corporate types, and duties you like and some others you don't. 

To assist in specializing and marketing your services, make use of this. 

When you finish their tasks, you'll be prepared to deliver your best work in settings that you enjoy, which will result in favorable ratings.

Focusing on your priorities will increase your chances of success since this is your business.

How much does a virtual assistant make?

Virtual assistant salaries range from $7.25 to $37.50 per hour, with the national average wage being $15.87. Building constant clients and focusing on specialty services would help virtual assistants enhance their earnings and earning capacity.

How do you find a virtual assistant job online?

You should get started by hunting for a virtual assistant job online. 

You can look for virtual assistant jobs on various job portals in any region, including remote positions. 

Read the job descriptions to know more about the specific role in each company. In the "Where" search bar, enter your desired area or enter remote, and also type the job title. Finally, click "Find Jobs" to view your results. For example, you can widen your search, for “Graphic design” jobs in “New Zealand”. By entering your e-mail address in the field below the search bar, you can even create a job alert.

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